Presence sensor problems

Sorry if this is the wrong place to post… recently I have been having issues with the presence senor on my android / wife’s iPhone. Were both logged into the app as one person. Both cell phones are added as separate devices. It has been working great for almost a year. Now it seems the app is confusing the phones / not recognizing them. Do I need to make her a user? We were logged in as the same person because of the old add a user issues and never bothered to change it. Just wondering if there is issues going on now / is this related to sharing the same log in? Thanks!

I could be wrong but I was always under the impression that each user should have a separate login. I even have a separate login for my tablets. I have had issues with presence before (both Android and iPhone) and, most of the time, ended up removing the offending phone and re-adding it. There are multiple threads on troubleshooting presence if you do a search for “presence”.

I’ll give it a try and see if it changes. Fingers crossed.


Good luck @gdubs33 . The “nuclear” approach has always worked for me. I’ve tried other methods with limited success, occasionally. Overall, I have found removal and reinstall to be the most reliable. Knock on wood, I think it’s been well over 6 months since I’ve had any issue with presence. It’s been working so well that I am considering putting my siren back into play. My wife had me remove it months ago and threatened it with a hammer when a presence issue caused it to go off and not turn off. I hope it works as well for you.


I had 2 devices logged in as one user with decent success for probably close to a year. A few times flaking out here and there but several months ago my phone (Android) became VERY unreliable and I had to remove and re-add frequently. I then switched to the 2 user model and its been way better. Have had a few issues now and again but so far (knock on wood) have not had to re-add.

That’s about how long I had success. I’m wondering if a hub update or app update killed this. Because I didn’t add the second user just yet and when my wife comes home before me it says my phone has arrived. And if I do come home and leave and she’s still there my phone leaves. With that issue hopefully figured out, I moved one of my zwave outdoor plugs literally outside on the side of the wall and it was working great for Xmas lights for a week…now dead.i moved it back inside and works great. I guess I need more zwave stuff for repeaters.

My issue was more my wife’s phone (iOS) would report reliably and my phone (Android) would get stuck and report either home or away regardless of the real status. Like the phone became disconnected from the app.

Weird mines the opposite. The iOS is the problem. But now both have issues.

Looks like the username login fix did the trick.

Thanks for the help!