Cant add new phones as presence sensor

hello everyone! been lurking for quite a bit until I finally decided to start my journey towards a smart and automated home.

im starting off with trying to add 2 more iphones(iphone 6’s) and my wifes Samsung s6 edge.

I was able to successfully add one of the iphones as a presence sensor but its not acting right where my son is at school and the phone is still seen as present at home.

the other iphone and my wife’s Samsung however I can not go past the logging in on the smartthings app!.

I put in their email address (and I checked are the correct ones I sent an invite on) and I get an invalid emal/password error.

this has prompted me to register here hoping I can get some help…

thank you so much in advance.

Did you have them each sign up for their own ST account on their devices ? To use as separate presence sensors, you need to invite them to ST, they sign up for their own ST account with their email address, install the ST app. Then each of their devices will show up separately .

Yup. I did the invite and setting up myself…

Is there a link on the invite email that i have to go through?

I just jumped to the app and then tried to log-in

thanks… that’s kinda the guide I followed… will re-read again … may have missed somethings.

thanks everyone. figured it out.

for those that come across this thread, make sure you are CREATING AN ACCOUNT and NOT LOGGING-IN!.

i just thought since i have installed the app, all i had to do was just log-in…CREATE AN ACCOUNT first…

thanks for your help…

Maybe I wasn’t clear enough when I said

You where, i just wasnt fully paying attention! I assumed inviting them will create an account. So i jumped into logging-in without creating an account hence the invalid email/password error.

Had to re-read things after work…lol

Thanks again for all the inputs…, now onward to my light switches…,

Thanks. That helped me too!

now that I have all intended phones added as presence sensors, my MODE seems stuck to AWAY no matter what I do.

I have checked to make sure that there was no ROUTINE created to trigger AWAY mode. I have also deleted all routines just to make sure I did not miss anything yet im still on AWAY mode!

wonder whats keeping my hub in this state?