Double wall socket for UK?

Dose anyone know of a Double wall socket uk thats works with smartthings.

Nothing with native Integration.

You can use lightwave RF second generation with IFTTT as a “man in the middle“ integration which works pretty well for outlets.


Fibaro has a new in wall zwave outlet coming out later this year, but it’s only a single socket.

Check out the Aurora AOne range:

They’re Zibgee so integration is native. However I’m not sure where to buy them from yet - they seem to be releasing the AOne range slowly so not everything is available right now.


Looks like retailers are starting to get them, but it’s POA

Remember that it’s not enough just to be zigbee. It Has to be the specific zigbee profile that SmartThings supports.

Some of the Aurora devices are on the official “works with smart things“ list, but not the double socket. It may be an issue with multi endpoint devices. You can certainly try it and see, but it’s possible that only one socket will work. Let us know if you find out one way or the other.

With the recent firmware updates to the SmartThings hub, the AOne Smart Double Socket can be paired as a Thing and set to the ‘ZigBee Multi Switch’ device handler in the IDE for basic on/off switching and scheduling (Left and Right show separately), although the official integration should be on the way.


Have a look at the complete Aurora smart range here…

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Aurora have several smart product stockists across the country.

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Anyone know if you can buy these online anywhere? All seems to be electrical wholesalers, which in my experience unless you’re in the trade they rip you off pretty bad.

Also if there are any actual RRPs for this stuff? There’s none on the Aurora websites that I can find and online retailers are POA. Makes it hard to know if a wholesaler is trying to pull a sneaky on ya

Amazon UK Just started selling the hub Kit, so hopefully they will begin offering some of the individual devices in the future.

I hope so, don’t really like opaque pricing. Although the Amazon listing states dispatched in 1-3 months? Assume they don’t hold any stock yet.

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Exactly, that’s the timeframe for brand new listings where they have confirmed availability with the manufacturer but they don’t have any moving through the warehouses yet.

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Hi All.

Just to introduce myself, my name is Andy Price, and I’m the Product Trainer for the Aurora AOne Smart Range.

In due course, I will be setting up dedicated threads for each of the products in our smart range, but in the meantime, if anyone would like to ask any questions related to our products, please feel free to tag me in your posts.

With regards to the question at hand, as a trade business, our core route to market will always be wholesale. The AOne range is largely a professional install product, and as such we have a huge national network of smart stockist wholesalers, that can be found at the link below.

If i can help in any way, please get in touch




Hi Andy,

Thanks for taking the time to engage with the community.

I understand that your primary route will always be via the trade/installer route, but I think it would be very helpful to release RRPs for the products at the very least. At the moment, I have no idea what I should be paying for a 1-gang dimmer as Joe Public. Is it £20, £60, £80?

Not publishing pricing makes it really hard for an end user to know if the wholesaler/installer is ripping them off or not, and makes it impossible to estimate hardware costs of an install if you do want to DIY.

Are you able to share an RRP price list for all the AOne products?

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Hi Stooshie

I appreciate your request, but sadly. as a manufacturer who doesn’t sell direct to the public/contractors, we simplay don’t have RRPs for our range.

The best way to get an understanding the sell-out price from a wholesaler would be to get an average from several different wholesalers.

That said, CEF now stock our Smart Range and their pricing is available to all so this would be a great place to start.

Hope this helps


I don’t see any of the smart devices online at CEF yet. They do carry your other non-smart Items.

I know they have 400 stores around the UK, do you know if they will be carrying the line in those?

Although most of their business is trade, they do sell to DIY customers but off of a different price list, which is not uncommon. :sunglasses:

It would be great if they carried the line even at the retail price.

Hi JDRoberts

Yes, so, quite a few CEF branches around the country are carrying our range in branch, and the range is featured in their new “Smart Living” brochure released a couple months ago.

Their website is clearly just a little behind.

Check out the link below for the up to date list of stockists:



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Hi Andy, I’ve just got hold of one of the dual gang smart rotary dimmers to control two lights in the house. They connect to the Smartthings hub ok and update their status to the hub when adjusted manually, but controlling the devices from Smartthings is a little flaky. For instance I can change a light to ‘Off’ and it shows as being ‘off’, but the light stays on. I have to manually turn the light off and on and back again for it to read the status correctly. On occasion it works as it should, but it’s quite intermittent and not reliable as it should be. Is this a firmware issue / device handler problem or a hardware issue do you think?



Sorted now. Sent it back and replaced it. Works fine

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@pistol691 apologies, I didn’t see your question as you didn’t tag me. Glad to hear you’re up and running now!

Is it possible to change the LED settings via SmartThings as they are quite bright?
I see it says:
“LED indicators that can be set to high, low or off”
There doesn’t seem to be any obvious option for this, I guess it would need a custom device handler to do so?