Zigbee/Zwave Outlets with two controllable outlets? (2022)

I need a 120v outlet with TWO controllable outlets, just just one with an always on.
I can find wifi outlets all day that do this but nothing on zigbee or zwave.
Here’s an example of a wifi one.

I don’t believe there are any at this time. This question was asked just a few weeks ago and the conclusion was that at present the only options were WiFi. :thinking:

There are a few plug in pocket sockets with two controllable plugs, but they are typically spec’d for a lower load. So good for table lamps, but not a lot else.

Could you use a relay control like the Zooz models? That would give you more options, but would require rewiring to split the outlet.

Aurora AOne sockets work acceptably.well…

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Not available in 120 volt models, though, right? My understanding was that the Aurora sockets were not available in North America. Definitely a good candidate for someone local to them and looking for a 240v UK style, of course. :sunglasses: