UK 230V 13A smart in-wall power socket


Some of you may have already read my posts on my in wall connected light switch for 2-wire/no neutral installations which I am developing. If not check out my website ( for more info.

In addition to this I have been working on a prototype in-wall smart socket, similar to the LightwaveRF LW260/270 smart sockets. This would be a more permanent solution over your standard plug-in device.

I have a rough proof of concept ready using the EnOcean protocol and depending on the result of this post I will continue the development to offer a Zigbee variant which would be compatible with SmartThings.

My question is…there does not seem to be many UK options which work directly with SmartThings therefore is this a product you see would be welcome in the UK smart home sector?

Your thoughts would be appreciated.



Based on comments from the manufacturers, the number of different plug types being used in Europe has meant that the Z wave manufacturers just haven’t seen a market for in wall receptacles. People just use in wall relays, of which there are a number of different brands, or pocket sockets.

You could see what’s been certified on the official Z wave alliance site if you want to look at what the competition would be. But they all require a neutral, so that would be your advantage. :sunglasses:

It is of course essential that any product intended for this purpose have full safety certifications, as anything installed in wall introduces a potential fire hazard.

Love the idea of the switch as there are not that many no neutral compatible solutions. I am currently using a few MiHome but the lack of APIs, the no dimming and the lack of feedback make that I am ready to switch when a good alternative arrives!

Regarding the in wall sockets. A bit less of a necessity but for a good product, that feeds back its state and eventually the consumption, I can clearly be convinced!

I just signed for your mailing list and will clearly be waiting for your kickstarter!

Thanks JDRoberts, that link was really useful, it would appear that there is not a certified Z-wave device like I described, plenty of plug in sockets and in-wall modules.

It makes me wonder what data of the potential market size LightwaveRF used to convince them to develop and sell a smart socket…it would be really interesting to understand their sales figures.

Den look to have a neat product but works within their own system and is wifi based.

Thanks Oliver

I believe lightwave RF had a much larger potential market for their light switches because they don’t require a neutral. That then created a market for the matching outlets.