Smartplug or Lightwave RF alternative (UK)

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Im sure this topic has been covered before.

I really like products like this -

Its an easy swap for an existing plug. However there doesnt seem to be any other things on the market in the UK that is zWave or Zigbee based.

I have tried the Samsung smart plug and TP-Link HS110. Both are fine.

I feel manufacturers are missing a market here. Is there something out there im not aware of? Maybe chat of a product soon to come.

Any tips would be great.


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I have an aeotec behind the wall…so you can keep your existent switch

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At the present time, the only EU option for in Wall sockets is one of the various micros. But you have to read the specifications very carefully, as some only intended for lighting and might only support five or 6 A. For EU in wall sockets To be safe you really need ones which will support 10 A.

I just posted this morning that light wave RF has announced a second-generation set of devices with a gateway which is intended for release October 2017.

These probably won’t have direct integration with SmartThings, but they do have an IFTTT channel/service for the first generation which you can use to turn sockets on. Based on some of the pre-release announcements for the second generation, they should have reporting back to the gateway which means they would also report if the socket were turned on physically. If they add that to their IFTTT service/channel, Then that would open up some additional smartthings integration options, but we won’t know until the devices are actually available to see what features they have.

But as of today, your only simple option is the inwall micros.


Is there any integration with Smartthings and Lightwave RF? Just simple on/off control and visibility in the app

Nothing official at present.

There are two options.

If you just want to schedule your lightwave RF devices turning on based on rules in SmartThings, you can use the free IFTTT service/channel. The problem with this at present is that it’s only a one-way channel. You can tell the socket to turn on or off, but light wave RF does not tell smartthings if the socket was turned on at the wall. So it will work for some use cases but not others. The advantage of this method is it’s really easy and doesn’t require buying any additional devices.

If you have a strong technical background, some community members have created a “man in the middle” integration using a raspberry pi. This will work, but it’s quite a bit of effort to set up and maintain. You can ask any follow-on questions in that thread and the people who are using it should be able to help you.

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Thanks dude! Will take a look.

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I wouldn’t agree it being effort to maintain, I haven’t touched my setup on tinkered with it for well over a year, Not once rebooted the Lightwave hub or the RaspPi, It can be if you miss even a small step become frustrating but just carefully follow the instructions from @adamclark_dev videos.

@adamclark_dev are you going to consider buying the new gen 2? and what do you reckon the chances (ease) of having it report state. That would be most of us using this setup sorted in the UK.

I know this would excite @AutomateEverything very much. :wink:


I sure would haha :grin:

No plans to buy the gen2, but would happily take donations :slight_smile:

ouch - generation 2 sockets are £60! And you need the Generation 2 Link device which is another £130. I am definitely in the wrong business.

Can’t believe there aren’t more companies doing this. Light wave rf can’t be the only?

Sent an email to see if Gen 1 products are bi-directional with the Gen 2 hub.
They are not I’m afraid.