UK double 13 amp socket with Power Monitoring?

Apart from the Aurora ‎ Aone AU-A1ZBDSS socket, can anyone recommend a UK double 13 amp wall socket that works with smartthings and monitors power usage. I dont have samsung washer or dryer with power monitoring built in and I want to see their power usage. I don’t trust the plug in zigbee plugs for high power appliances like dryers and washing machines as although these plugs say they are rated at 13 amp I have found from experience they are not and either overheat or refuse to switch.

I don’t know of one at the time of this posting, but Eve has just released one using matter over thread for North America, so hopefully they will come out with a UK model eventually. That would probably work out of the box with no custom code And Eve products are generally well engineered with good safety certifications. But we will have to wait and see.

Hopefully if someone does know of another brand, they will post.

Hi, just out of curiosity, why are you excluding this?

Not specifically excluding it but Aurora are quite expensive and manufacturers are releasing new products all the time so wondered if there were any competitors on the block.
Edit: I have since done another search with Zigbee Smart socket and came of with these Clicksmart+ sockets that are cheaper. It’s not all about money but when you are buting a lot it adds up IF they do the same thing.

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Aurora went into the UK equivalent of bankruptcy last year, sold off the lighting unit, and has indicated that they will no longer be manufacturing the Zigbee devices. So there’s also that. :man_shrugging:t2:

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Interesting. I was aware of the line (it’s a Scolmore product, but manufactured by Tuya), but thought they were only available to professional installers. For example, I was not able to find them on Amazon UK.

However, if you can find a reputable source, it does appear that at least a few people have been able to add them to a SmartThings hub in the past using a Zigbee multi switch DTH. But I don’t know if the fingerprints are in the stock edge driver, I would guess not.

So I think they should work, if they are authentic scolmore versions they should be well engineered, but somebody may have to do a custom edge driver for them. :sunglasses:

Here’s an old Reddit post that includes the fingerprint and clusters, at least how they were at that time:

Thank you so much JD Roberts you are a mine of useful information :wink: Re Aurora insolvency I was going to mention that but their existing products are still available presumably until stocks expire. I will take a punt on the Clicksmart just to see if they work but I need to ask if they have power monitoring first as that is a key requirement for the application (my tumble dryer and washing machine).

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For anyone looking for the Clicksmart (Scolmore) sockets they are available here for £25.46 uk
also found it here on Amazon and there is some interesting information in the reviews. Lots are using it with HA and zigbee2mqtt

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Just heard from Scolmore Technical Support that unfortunately these socket do NOT support power monitoring. I have suggested that some Smartthings users might purchase them anyway where power monitoring is not a key requirement if a custom Edge driver could be written by Scolmore or Tuya. Doesn’t hurt to ask :smile:

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