New Build (UK) - Considering Aurora AOne Sockets and Switches?


As per title, has anyone had any experience with AOne plug sockets and switches with either ST or Hubitat? I’m considering fitting out a new build and wanted to see if anyone had any experience with these devices?

I am aware that one of the issues with the Smart Sockets are that ST only sees one plug, but is there a device handler that creates a virtual switch for the second socket yet?

In relation to the dimmers, I’ve heard mixed reports and bugs that needed ironing out. Again, are there any users out there that could advise on their experiences with this device?

Many thanks

Did you try searching the forum for “ Aurora“? Because there are several discussion threads on these devices.

Start with this one:

Some Aurora AOne Zigbee Devices added to official list (UK for now)

(Don’t choose the threads that say “Lutron aurora,“ that’s a different brand from the US. But there are about a dozen reports on the aurora AOne brand, which is the one you were asking about.)

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I have a few of the double sockets in my flat, they are easy to install into your walls, and work directly with the smartthings hub. No issues with general use, my only complaint would be that you cant change the brightness of the LED rings around the physical buttons. They are quite bright so might be annoying somewhere you want darkness (like a bedroom). Apparently using Aurora’s own hub and app allows you to change this but not through smarttings. They are cloud to cloud based as well FYI.

I have one of the single dimmer light switches, again easy to install and works directly with my smartthings hub. The travel of dimmer knob when pushing it in to turn on/off lights is very low, too low, it feels like the plastic is just flexing and oyur not pushing a switch. There is also a slight lag between turning on/off the lights and also changing the dimmer setting on the switch itself.


Many thanks both. Looking around it seems as though dimmer success is a bit hit and miss, so I’m probably going to go down the momentary/retractive switch route with Fibaro dimmers there, and install the sockets in areas where the light won’t bother me…

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