Does anyone know if this Sonoff device works? (SONOFF SNZB-02 Zigbee Temperature and Humidity Sensor)

I just flipped my sensor over to a different hub. To test it I put my finger on the top and the temperature changed almost instantly. Turns out that about three weeks ago the handler was updated to cope with a different model number and the reporting was also tweaked.

I haven’t examined things too closely but it looks like temperature and humidity can report every ten seconds instead of every hour, but subject to a 0.5 degree change for temperature.

The checkInterval is still a bit out of bonk so presumably the device is frequently on the cusp of going offline.

@orangebucket “different hub”?

That was a bit ambiguous. I have two v2 hubs in my Location and I switched the sensor from one to the other in the IDE, thus requiring it to be paired again and so picking up the changes in the handler.

I do have a different hub in another sense, but that is just an IKEA Gateway. I am not about to abandon ship.

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Hi, i tried this guide. It worked but After 1 hour (more or less) all my sonoff sensor was disconnect. Have u any idea? I Need help. Thanks

You don’t need to mess around like that. Just add it as a Sonoff/SONOFF multi-functional sensor or use ‘Scan nearby’. It is recognised as a ‘SmartSense Temp/Humidity Sensor’.

If you want to try an edge driver, which will replace groovy DTHs in the future, you can use one of these drivers.

Zigbee Temp Humidity Sensor Mc

Or You can also use this driver with the functions of a full thermostat if you need it. I have been using it for 2 months.

Zigbee TempSensor and Thermostat Mc

In this link to the channel you can install the driver you need on your hub.

  • Uninstall the sensor with the app
  • Add new device and use search nearby.

Thanks for the replay, I already connect my sonoff sensor with Sonoff/SONOFF multi-functional and the result was the same…after some hours they went down. Could the problem is my smartthings hub is close to my router? I read zigbee goes in conflict with router wifi?!

thanks for replay, do you think it’ll fix my problem?

Mine has never been disconnected.

It is close to the hub, 2 meters away and the hub is 30 cm from the router.
My wifi channel is 6 and the zigbee channel is 24, I don’t have any interference problems.

I use it as the main thermostat and I left the beko, which had as a backup 2°c below the sonoff and in more than 2 months it has never failed

What I have seen on this device is that the installation configuration response it well, answering success, but subsequent configuration changes, for changes in reporting intervals, do not always answer as accepted.

Therefore, it is very important that it is close to the hub in the installation process, because if it is not configured correctly, it will not periodically send battery, temperature and humidity reports and may become offline after a while.
Something similar also happens to the sonoff contact sensor

However the samjim sensors always accept configuration changes

Thank you, it’s a morning here and i’m at work. When i’ll come back at home i’ll try the process you told me :wink:

I was able to add two of these devices with no issue. The problem now is that they continue to go offline. Any suggestions? Thanks!

What driver are you using?

I have four of them connected to SmartThings using the Zigbee Temp Humidty Sensor Mc Edge driver created by @Mariano_Colmenarejo and they stay connected all the time.

I have them configured to report every 10 minutes or 0.3 degress C or 1% humidty change.

I used the built-in SmartSense Temp/Humidity Sensor type. I’m trying to get away from custom device handlers since they’re going away. Do you have a link to that driver, looks like I need it. Thanks!

It’s about 7 or 8 posts above, in this thread. Dated January 30th

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I just installed the driver, how to I update my Sonoff sensor to use it? Using a driver is new to me.

Delete the device from the app. (*)
Readd by sanning nearby.

(*) If you using the device in routines you may loose them when you delete the device. To avoid this you can put a virtual device in place of the sonoff.

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I added this and all is working but the Temp shows in Celsius and I need Fahrenheit. Is there a way to change this?

Edit: I was able to get this working correctly with F by deleting and re-adding and verified using logcat.

Thanks… I just did this and it’s now using the Type = “Placeholder”. Is that correct?

In the Grooovy IDE it will show “Placeholder” for devices that use Edge drivers.

In the ST App, select the Sonoff sensor and press the three dots at the top right.
you should now have Edit, Settings, Driver, and Information entries.

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Confirmed! Thanks for the help. Hopefully they’ll stay online now.