Temperature sensor that works with SmartThings

Hi, I am new in this automation world, at the moment I have some automation on my phone with smartthings app.
I would like to add a temperature sensor so I bought tuya smart temperature and humidity sensor, but it seems that this sensor is not supported from smartthings.

Do you guys have some recommendations for this?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Sonoff SNZB works well for me for basic and cheap as does the Aeotec Multisensor 6/7 if you want fancy and expensive :smiley:

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I see. But will it work with smartthings, or it will be just another sensor with another app - with no integration with smartthings . I would like to use this sensor within smarthings app for instance.

I use four Sonoff SNZB-02 temperature and humidity sensors with my SmartThings hub.


Yep Sonof fully work woth ST stock humidity sensor Edge driver, Aeotec have drivers for Multisensors in thier channel but if you are not subscribed work with stock DTH and will, presumably, migrate when ST cuts over.

If you search for Sonoff/Aeotec in the app (add device) you can see all supported models :+1:

Will it work without hub, just through phone?

Ah, good point and to be fair I use a hub so can’t really answer that question…

ZigBee and z-wave devices require a hub.

You would need to find a WiFi sensor to do this without a hub. Possibly rare since WiFi uses more power and so is not well suited for small battery powered devices.

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I guess it would be easier to buy a hub instead. Thanks guys :+1:

Agree, get a Samsung/Aeotech V3 hub, they don’t cost much.

This is exactly what I just ordered :grin::+1:


How quickly does the sonoff SNZB-02 report a humidity change?, and can you configure the sensitivity of when it should trigger a notification to Smarthings hub.

I’m looking at Aqara, Aeotech sensors and believe these can trigger within a minute of a humidity change which is great for my use, not sure if the Sonoffs SNZB-02 can, but they look a good price. I’m weighing up the options. apart from price of the sonoff , I l also liked the battery is a CR2045, instead of a CR2035 which is on the the aqara, the CR2045 is the same battery just has more capacity and is more common with other sensors I already have.

Hi @Dominic_Leelodharry

I use that sensor and it works great.
The default setting for humidity reports any 1% change in humidity and with a minimum interval between reports of 30 sec.

It also accepts well the configuration changes of reports

I am using it as a thermostat with the default settings since 1 year and the battery is at 85%

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Perfect, I’m sold!

Well, i got the samsung hub, but i can’t make it work since it is locked to different country or something like this? I bought it on german ebay. Is this correct, so it’s useless for me?

Don’t know exactly but I seem to recall a thread around this here somewhere.

Think hub needs a reset and then support need to do something to free it up at thier end but not 100% on either of these points :roll_eyes:

I didn’t think of this scenario - that SH would be locked to some provider :confused:
Lession learned :slight_smile:

Definitely contact support, hopefully they can sort it out…

Thanks , will try. :slight_smile:

I just bought one set it up, it gets detected as a eWeLink Multipurpose sensor, is that right?

The temperature reporting doesn’t seem to work it’s stuck around 21c, with very small changes between 21.3 to 21.8c, it’s not it’s 18.2c, even my rubbish samsung gen 1 motion sensors are getting the correct temp which matches with my TADO, and heat gun :). Do I have to set the temperature offset on the driver to get it right, it just seems widely inaccurate.

The humidity does appear to be reporting change as reporting drops and increases, it’s saying 64% in my living room, my TADO reports 48% Humidity in the kitchen ( the sensor is built into the TADO ), putting this sensor into the kitchen reports 64%, not sure if this is another offset issue here.

Putting this thing in the bathroom turning the shower on, doesn’t seem to notice unless I open the shower door and hold the sensor next to it, then it jumps ups to 72% but I would have expected higher than a few percent uplift…

First impressions not impressed, may be it’s the driver?