Does anyone handle this matter?

The Chinese New Year is about to come, and the long holiday is coming, but this request has not been processed yet, can someone help me deal with it? It has been sent out for a long time:

Thanks! :broken_heart:

Hi, @chenjun!
We’re checking the progress with the certification team. As soon as we get their feedback, we’ll share it with you.


@chenjun, the team made some comments in the Pull Requests, please review them and if you have any doubts, please send an email to so we can discuss more details about your integration.

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Thank you! They approved my PRs!

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There are two PRs left:

They are basically same except for their preferences, so they should be approved and closed together.

Both PRs are approved, I believe there is a pending process of the engineering team, they will be closed once they are merged.
I’ll let you know in case we need your help with something.

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Products related to these DTHs have been published, but no corresponding DTHs has been released (because the original DTHs did not contain these products after the upgrade). Can the review be expedited?

I’m worried that new users start complaining about us because they can’t find DTH.

Do you mean you started the distribution of the devices but the handler is not published yet in the ST app?
I’ll ask for an update from the team

Yes, these new four DTHs are separated from two old DTHs. I had to do this because of a problem with the original DTHs.

Ok, I already pinged the corresponding team to know the status of this PR.

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@nayelyz :
In the Developer Workspace, there is a project:

The project was created by my colleague long long ago(I am confused how to create item of type “Deployed to test”, My next confusion may be caused by this.
I started a request in this project yesterday:

For the fingerprint about the procuct in this project was added in the related DTH before this project is published. So I closed the PR

Now the lasted PR is approved, but the project is still not published.

What can I do to eliminate this phenomenon, although the user can pair the device, but the product cannot be seen in the product list.

The changes were approved yesterday (March 21st) but it can take some time to be released into the Production environment, I’ll ask the team for more details about this.

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Hi, @chenjun. I sent you a DM, please check it and let me know if you have questions.

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Sorry for the later reply:I check the PR info in the Developer Workspace, it ws approved already. And in the ST appon my phone, the product is listed in the correct catory!
Thank you very much!
Kudos to you again for your high efficiency! :100: :heart: :+1:

Happy to help! :smiley:
Thank you for letting me know it now works as expected.

@nayelyz :
Is there a way to update the firmware for the Z-Wave devices which have been sold?

Hi! I just confirmed with the team and they mentioned that an OTA firmware update it’s not currently possible through the SmartThings platform.

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z-wave OTA firmware update entered beta 1.5 years ago. Why is it not released yet?

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Thanks for the reply, this is really not good news. I’m looking forward to this feature being available soon: it’s already being consulted by our customers.

That seems a fair question. If users are asked to beta test a feature it is a courtesy to let them know the outcome of the test. It doesn’t have to be details, though they are welcome, just an acknowledgement in broad terms.

I guess a problem with firmware updates is that a robust technical solution for delivery isn’t the end of the story. If the firmware update causes issues there is a mess that needs clearing up and the users, SmartThings, and the partners probably won’t want it to be their mess.

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