Future of custom DTH?

I’ve read a lot in the documentation and also here in community in the last few days - but nowhere have found a “binding” information about the device handler future.

I have found that it is deprecated - and will be disabled in 2021 (?)… A bit confusing…

So my questions - important for me and a lot of other users, I think so…

  1. What will happen with existing DTH in templates (list)?
  2. What will happen with integrated DTH in active devices? (I think they will still work …)
  3. How users can share templates for new devices in future?
    I think also about not supported Z-Wave devices - in this time somebody can do it and share…

I hope there will be a simple way for user (not developer only) to import a device template in future.
There are in this time a lot of interesting devices a user can add and understand how it is working, or replace a generic Z-Wave device with the right device handler…

Maybe somebody from staff can give an answer - so that we know, what will be possible in future (2021…) ?



No one knows

@nathancu - maybe you can forward this questions to somebody who want to answer?

The question is also whether it is worth investing time (money) in a procedure that should be abolished in the near future.
It would be a shame if one developed DTH for nothing that would later be useless.

These are also important questions that we have to answer to our customers.


Way ahead of you - We’ve all been asking the same questions and many of us have been urging specific folks for more info already. We’ll get it when they’re ready - I’m hopeful they’re going to be ready very soon.