A new error happened

A new error appeared in my SmartThings APP, the following is a screenshot:

I don’t know when it started to appear. When I first operated this device, there was no such error.
Does anyone know how to eliminate this error?

Tagging the DTH developer @krlaframboise in case he has seen the same thing.

Hi! Can you share the VID of your device, please?
Also, I’d like to confirm the following:

  • This error appears every time you enter the device’s Detail View, or when selecting a Button automation option?
  • Have you tried to create a new DTH? remember that its config is cached

He works for a manufacturer that has a similar device and he’s trying to create their official handler by stealing mine so I won’t be providing any assistance…


ha, well that’s understandable! These companies could save a lot of time if they just contracted the community devs to handle their ST integrations. Its a shame they won’t do that.

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I can understand that you also refuse to provide technical support for the products you serve?
Even if you are unwilling to fix this problem for this product, it doesn’t matter for that ZEN34 is not produced by us.

I took a screenshot of the standard ZEN34 device and DTH file, and did not involve my own content.

I just want to confirm whether the same problem occurs on ZEN34.A DTH with a lot of custom capabilities(undisclosed) is of little study value to me.

I respond to every user that posts questions on the topics for all the handlers I’ve written…

The reason I’m not willing to help you with anything is because in the past you removed my header from my ZEN34 handler, added your device’s fingerprint to it, and posted it to GItHub.

If this handler had a bug then I’d fix it or if ST made a change that broke it then I’d report the problem to them and they’d most likely fix it.

The only time I won’t fix a handler is when a manufacturer releases new firmware that does something stupid like swap configuration parameter numbers for absolutely no reason…


Thank for your reply! I am sorry for my past behavior, I delete the related code and comments just to reduce the harm to you! As far as this topic is concerned, I just reported a problem that confuses me, and I do not force anyone to solve it, including you.

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@nayelyz, it turns out that the issue reported is happening in both the iOS and Android mobile apps with all handlers, including the built-in z-wave button.

If you tap one of the automation options on the device details screen and then back out of that screen you’ll see that message for a couple of seconds, but it’s not impacting the functionality of the handler.

@chenjun Since it seems you still offer up the handler on Github I believe you might possibly be missing the issue, i.e. that’s in violation of the Apache license to take a file, remove the existing copyright and add yourself as the author. You can still build your own version based on a previous handler release under the Apache license, but you have to retain the original copyright in the file.

Thank you, @krlaframboise.
I was able to replicate it, I’ll let you know in case I need more information.

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Thanks! I have canceled the publish request which refer to evalogik-remote-switch.src/evalogik-remote-switch.groovy. And I can not find the DHT file in the master branch. Also I check all branch with tag,not find that file. I can not understand the path contain “blob” for github, After I login in Github, where I can find the path?

@chenjun Ah, well then it’s pretty much as deleted as it can get :+1:. Since it’s Git it will keep a reference to all versions of a file in the repository even it’s deleted. It is possible to remove it from there as well, but it’s a hassle so I wouldn’t worry about that.