Does any one know of a z-wave sensor to connect existing hardwired alarm system

With all the existing hard-wired alarm systems in homes today that sound an alarm such as a siren when there is a breach such as motion detected, or door opened, etc. I have yet to find a z-wave compatible sensor similar to a door bell sensor that would trigger and event on my Nexia system. I could then use the triggered event to send a notification related to the alarm. I was able to install a door bell ring sensor easily enough that simply taps into the door bell, why not a sensor that would activate if an alarm was triggered that would normally activate a siren or an autodialer? One could also use the event to trigger and automation to start up indoor video cameras. Seems like a missed opportunity that Nexia does not partner with someone to develop and market a generic sensor. Is anyone aware of way to connect legacy style hardwired home alarm system panels into a z-wave alert system?

Not z-wave but there are several options out there for you, depending on how many sensors and how technical you are.
There’s Konnected or ST_Anything which both allow you to connect into your existing wired alarm systems.

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Why posting about Nexia on the SmartThings Community Forum?

@heythisisnate’s is an excellent SmartThings compatible solution (and and will eventually expand to other platforms, but ST is the right way to start…).


If you simply just want to send a zwave signal when the alarm is sounding then that’s easy… just find an output terminal on the alarm panel that is normally open (NO) but closes when the alarm sounds, then connect a dry contact sensor, the same as I presume you did your doorbell.

If you can’t find a NO terminal, just find a wire that becomes live during an alarm, measure the voltage, hook up a dumb relay with matching coil voltage, and dry contact to the switched side of the relay.

If less than 17v… use mimolite which can handle up to that voltage on its input.

If you want to actually control the alarm and monitor individual sensors on the app… get ST and one of the options @tgauchat and @Ryan780 mentioned.

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Thank you for the detailed information on a solution.

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Thank you for your response. Sorry about posting about Nexia on a SmartThings Community Forum. I came across this forum from a google search on my topic and thought I might find someone with more information about z-wave sensors. I am relatively new to the world of home automation and I did not intend to post anything inappropriate. Applogies if I have done so. Thanks again for taking the time to respond.

Thank you for your response. I did come across Konnected in my google search but I am hoping to find a way to work with the system I have already installed. One of the other responses to my post seems to have promise and I will investigate it further. Thanks again for taking the time to help me out on this question.

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The Ecolink (and several other similar product) include terminals on the inside that you could connect directly to a magnetic reed switch.

With a little ingenuity, you should be able to to have the reed switch send a signal to both the alarm system and the zwave /zigbee sensor.

Of course, for the cost of doing this, you might as well just replace the whole thing with a wireless system.

Ecolink Intelligent Technology Z-Wave Easy Install, Battery Operated, Door/Window Sensor, White & Brown (DWZWAVE2-ECO)

If you’re still interested let me know I am an alarm service tech and I also work on home automation.

If it’s DSC or Honeywell check out Envisalink 4.