Doorbelll (probably again)

I’m looking for a dry contact to trigger a Zwave event. I want my physical, existing doorbell chime (24v) to trigger a Zwave event. When the existing door bell button is pushed i want it to

  1. ring the existing 24vac doorbell
  2. start my camera(s)
  3. send a text/mail
  4. ring another bell or chime in the basement
  5. do any other smart activity

I’m not looking to buy or use Ring door bell.
I don’t want to replace my existing chime
I can’t run wires from existing chime to a new location
I don’t want to use a non-smart chime extender

I just am looking for a contact switch that is operated electrically vs mechanically and ‘sensed’ (as in a door opens and open/closed is sensed). Almost like a ZWAVE limit switch

By the way, prefer if it worked with Iris, but can fall back to ST potentially

If you aren’t committed to it being a dry contact or zwave you can try what I did.

I use a ST (zigbee) multi sensor which sits just above the solenoid in the doorbell chime. The motion from the chime is just enough to rock the accelerometer.

As far as it working with IRIS? This is the ST forum :man_shrugging: :sunglasses:


Probably again, indeed: there are already a number of threads in the forum on doorbell solutions. So I do suggest you use the search in the upper right corner. Or you can use the quick browse lists in the community – created wiki, go down to the bottom of that page for the project reports section, and look on the list for “doorbell” projects.

As far as a quick answer, Nexia makes a zwave doorbell sensor for exactly this purpose that may meet your requirements. It reports as a sensor, so it will work with many different Z wave controllers. :sunglasses:


understood on ST vs IRIS :slight_smile: i have ST, IRIS and WINK… :slight_smile:
That’s what i was thinking multisenor, wasn’t sure if i’d get enough movement… part #

thanks and understood on search… just had to join today as Wink and Iris have nothing native…
I’m running/learning all three hubs

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Understood on Iris… I’m playing with all three platforms… sometime good ideas transcend manufacturers…. :blush:(

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