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Discontinuation of MyQ Connect Community SmartApp

(Alex) #345

As others posted above, check this out (it works and replaces this smartapp):


I am trying to decide the best garage door opener to get. I believe if I get the liftmaster 3900 it comes without MyQ (I think?). If I get the 8500 it comes with MyQ. I want to run everything within smartthings. Since I have the option to buy either - what is best?

It seems just skipping myq all together and avoiding the work arounds may be easier and better?

(Steve) #347

I had to get the MyQ option to allow ST to communicate with the door - the general off-the-rack openers do not work with the new LiftMaster’s as far as I can tell.

(Matt) #348

When is this functionality going to be readded? Samsung is spending more time lately removing things from ST than adding. Wink has this now. Not sure what the issue is here.


You may have already seen this but Chamberlain announced earlier this week that it will charge $1/month to use their integrated service via Google Home and IFTTT.

IFTTT adds Channel for Liftmaster/Chamberlain MyQ at a Charge to Customers
( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #350

It’s an interesting experiment.

Let’s see how long this monthly charge lasts…

If adding a monthly fee for an integration succeeds… then, watch out folks; other vendors are paying attention too.

(Devin Noel) #351

I hear that. They advertise connectivity then change how it works & start charging for it. Sets a very poor prescient. Really makes me regret getting a Chamberlin.

(Andrew) #352


How are we doing with the official integration? Since the Alexa integration can be restricted from any routine that would disarm the SHM, would it not be the same type of restrictions required by Chamberlain? Is this still being pursued?

Thank you in advanced for your time.

(Jody) #353

@Controlbreak I actually don’t know the answer to this question. @Tyler would know more about the status of official certification. The reasons we lack official integration with Chamberlain are not technical but business ones so even @Tyler might not have a good answer.

(Augusto Geovanny Martínez Cortés) #354

Any updates on the MyQ integration?

(jkp) #355

Use the MyQ lite app…

(Augusto Geovanny Martínez Cortés) #356

great! im gonna check this out


I know they charge google assistance a subscription for this :wink:

(Megan) #358

Remember when ST said the official integration was coming? Those were good days. lol


As a potential Chamberlain customer, could I just avoid the MyQ integration by Frankensteining a remote control unit? Wiring up a pair z-wave dry contact relays across the switch contacts on the remote would get me up & down control. An additional magnetic door sensor along the track would tell me if its actually closed or not.

(jkp) #360

Why not just use the MyQ lite app…


Thanks, I saw that earlier but was wondering if Chamberlain Co is still ‘in the loop’ to so speak with that solution? I need more companies fingers (or other non-essential dependencies) in my home setup like I need a hole in my head. If my internet is out, can I operate my garage door?

(jkp) #362

Garage door opener remote in your car and the controller at your doors.

(HousePanel Author) #363

Sorry for responding so late after your post but I just saw this because a contractor installed a MyQ opener in my vacation lake house and I was searching for an integration. Anyway… what you are suggesting above is exactly how I have my main home set up. I bought two Linear Zwave relays and wires them into the contacts on an old school garage door. Then I put a contact sensor on each door. Finally I wrote a simple custom DTH to connect the door sensor to the relay feeding a virtual door with open and close capabilities. I had to add a momentary virtual button because the relay freaks out if it stays on - just needs a pulse. I did this back in the early days of ST long before there were any official smart garage doors for ST or anything else on the market. I’m super happy with it and it has been working reliably for over 3 years. The DTH was the only tricky part - checking sensor setting door status etc. I think I posted this on the forum some time ago but I just can’t remember.

(HousePanel Author) #364

Well… I just got a MyQ opener and was disappointed to see that even Wink has an official integration. ST should be spanking Wink all over the place including here. Pretty sad. Fortunately there is a MyQ IFTTT channel so I can connect ST that way. Sure would be nice to have an official native integration. I suspect Samsung just doesn’t want to pay their service fee which hopefully is y something ridiculous like by the click.

EDIT - spoke too soon … their IFTTT integration doesn’t work.