Garage Door Automation while waiting for V2

Hi. I have finally decided to buy a SmartThings Hub after doing lots of research. I see that a version 2 HUB may be available soon so id like to wait for its release. However, I am in need of an automated garage door opener so I can be sure my garage door is closed. Long story short I left it open at night and now I am out a lawn mower and golf clubs. My question is, is there anything I can get now that will solve my garage door problem and be SmartThings compatible when version 2 is finally released? I don’t want to have to buy more than what is necessary if I know I’m getting the smart things hub soon.

MyQ from Chamberlain is popular. It is an add on device that will work with most garage door controllers. It just adds the networked control capability. You can use it with its own app for now, then try the community-provided SmartThings integration later.

And here is @copyninja 's topic which discusses integration with SmartThings:

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Thats exactly what I was looking for. Thanks a lot!

Do it yourself through Smartthings natively. I had a MyQ door opener working with Smartthings but it was never officially supported and therefore was constantly needing maintenance from developers. They did good work, but just do it yourself and you’ll see better results.

I have the Sears AssureLink system and it works well. You can integrate with the MyQ smart app as well. In all honesty, I just use the Sears app rather than the smartthings integration. Funny story… I bought smartthings to get away from individual apps from the different automation apps (Wemo, etc).

Edit to add: The AssureLink ‘says’ it will only work on “Sears” branded doors. I have a Lift Master, and it works just fine :smile:

I guess the only problem of doing it yourself vs MyQ is that you will have to buy the LMF-20, then the tilt sensors. I n my case, I have two doors so that would be around $200+

MyQ is about the same or less. But I hear you, with no official support is hard to sell it.

There’s also the fact that the LFM relay is only UL listed for light fixtures, not hotwiring a garage door control. The MyQ meets UL 325 safety standards for unattended operation of garage doors. Not everyone will care about that, but it is a legitimate distinction.

For the MyQ install you’ll need the $102 hub, which comes with one door control. Then you’ll need to spend 50 bucks on a second one. I just converted mine over a month ago using the link I shared and it cost me $149.I bought the following tilt sensors

and then two of the LMF-20 boxes

Basically its a wash except the fact that its completely controlled through Smartthings or whatever other Z-wave hub you may want to use and your not having to rely on development to get it working.

I just got mine hooked up on Friday. I just bought a ecolink door sensor Here Stuck it on the side of the door and it works great. Then I did the LFM and mounted it to my ceiling. I hit the button in the app and I can now finally open my door from the bottom of my street :smile: Thanks ST for that. I also get alerts if the door is open past 10pm or if it opens after 10pm.