Support for MyQ by Chamberlain

I have two Chamberlain Liftmaster garage door openers with MyQ support built in (other than the bridge). I would like to see direct support of those openers added to Samsung Smartthings without my needed to buy additional sensors. I would think there would be reasonable demand for this support. I know Samsung is at the mercy of Chamberlain working with them and providing needed APIs but maybe with enough interest Chamberlain will see it as valuable to their marketing. I’ve seen other threads on this topic but they seem to be rather dated being at least 1 year old or more.


Latest information we have can be found here.

I think in view of the information above and the fact MyQ still does not even have IFTTT support, I can’t see this ever happening. Chamberlain seem closed to the ideas unfortunately.

It most likely will not help but I have posted a new topic on the MyQ community page. Chamberlain does not seem too responsive to integration requests but at least they will be aware of the need.


Can’t hurt but I have seen numerous such posts on their boards over the past year or so. IF Chamberlain respond it’s usually the canned line that they acknowledge the interest and will pass on the info.

This ball is definitely in Chamberlain’s court.

But it is a very concerning precedent. SmartThings’s strongest feature as a product is compatibility and integrations. If there becomes a trend of vendors / manufacturers artificially limiting this compatibility, the smart home industry will be in trouble.


The fact that a few of us hacked into their services, wrote an app, and distributed it to hundreds/thousands of SmartThingers probably didn’t help to get things off on the right foot either.


That should not be an issue when the potential consequence for them is the loss of millions of customers.

Then again, who is their competition? Garageio? That’s basically a kludge for older openers. Genie? Lynx? Neither of them have any real market visibility, and certainly aren’t making openers compatible with ST or Alexa or Google… heck, you can barely even get into the Genie website.

That said, Chamberlain’s obvious recalcitrance on this issue represents a huge opening for a company willing to roll with it. Not ST per se, but certainly Alexa and Google. Millions of Echo units have now been sold, and you just know every owner is eager to say “Alexa, open the garage door”. Market demand still has to count for something…

EDIT; Clearly, Chamberlain has issues with the lax security in these systems. From the standpoint of voice control, the obvious solution is voice biometrics.

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Appears Chamberlain is going a different route with a new Hub to enable their MyQ openers.

Chamberlain has announced that it is bringing HomeKit support to its lineup of MyQ-enabled garage door openers in 2017 in the form of new Smart Garage Hub and HomeBridge accessories. The new devices will allow iOS users to interface with their MyQ garage door openers and other related devices via HomeKit and Siri commands, including features for opening, closing, and checking the status of their garage doors. The MyQ HomeBridge, expected to be available in April, will bring HomeKit access to existing MyQ Garage installations as a retrofit device to upgrade MyQ Garage garage door openers; the Chamberlain Smart Garage Hub is expected to arrive in July to provide support for non-MyQ garage door openers. Both devices will be available on the Chamberlain website, while the Smart Garage Hub is also expected to be sold at major home-improvement, electronics, and online retailers.

If I were a HomeKit user, I’d be leery. Very leery, given what happened with chamberlain’s promised ST integration.

Incidentally, ADT has announced they are rolling with Alexa as a gateway to their system. You’ll be able to walk in the door, and say something like “Alexa, security code 1234” and it will disarm.

Sorta makes Chamberlain’s supposed concern for our collective garage security seem silly.

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Well Chamberlain has supported Wink for sometime and the integration works well. I don’t understand why they can’t support smart-things. I have wink at home because I have the MYQ but I have smart things at my lake home, which I prefer. I guess I won’t be buying another chamberlain since they don’t support the home controller I use there.

Anyone using a Chamberlain ST integration: has it been working for you over the past week or so? My Alexa integration was fine at first, but is now returning an error.

@Glen_King You might try re-authenticating your Chamberlain login in the App you are using. Chamberlain sent out an email in mid January indicating they were making system changes on January 27th and asked users to update and re-login to their accounts. If you are using the MyQ lite app, you can open it, click next and then click done to see if that resolves your issue.

Mine is still working fine. I have pollster running in the background every 3 minutes to refresh the status and no errors have been returned. Additionally, I am able to open and close my doors through the ST app.

Not sure anyone is following MYQ support after years of waiting for solid smartthings integration… this cnet article answers a number of questions…

There is a post on the MyQ - HomeKit integration which has a link to the product. :slight_smile:

New MyQ Home bridge adds Apple HomeKit compatibility

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Did you buy it? Do you have it installed? I ordered one before I reading you need to thumb print before the Siri command will work (defeats voice command convenance. ). Not sure if Cnet is correct in this statement… from what I am reading this is a full replacement of the MYq device I am currently using. We’ll see.

It is on my Still-to-be-decided-on list of things to buy.

They keep shooting themselves in the foot.

If I have to go to my iPad, open the cover, put my thumb on the button, then say “open the garage”, isn’t it easier to just go press the wall-mounted controller?

“Alexa, open the garage.”

I wonder if the new “home bridge” helps get closer to ST integration vs the “gateway” It’s suposed to work with the apple junk but no mention of smart things.