Discontinuation of MyQ Connect Community SmartApp


I was actually able to get Google Home to control my garage, both open and close. However, since I only wanted it to close and not open it for security purpose, I uninstalled it. If someone can find a way to make it only be able to close the door, do let me know.


How did you link myq with Google home?


First you will need a open/close sensor of some sort on your garage door to monitor its status. I have a open/close sensor but I assume a tilt sensors should also work (don’t quote me on that though)

Then you install the custom Device and Smart App:

You will now have a device called “MyQ lite garage door” or something like that.

You then open the Google Home app, go to Home Control, and add device. The garage door should show up there. To control it with GH, just tell it to “Turn on/off garage door”. I know it sounds funny but you can’t say “open/close garage door”.

(Brian) #326

Hey all - wanted to let you know I just released a new version of the MyQ Lite SmartApp that enables door control without requiring a sensor. You don’t get door status displayed when you do that, but all other open/close functionality works just fine. See luder888’s link in the previous post above to go to the community link for details.

(Scott Evans) #329

Is there any hope for Chamberlain MyQ WiFi Grage doors to work with Smarthings shortly? I noticed Nest, Wink, and Xfinity Home.

(Megan) #330

No, that would require both Chamberlain and ST to care about this, and at this point I don’t think either does,

(Paul) #331

The issue is not a lack of “caring.” Clearly, SmartThings wants more integrations, not fewer.

The issue is that Chamberlain puts restrictions on how other companies can use their official API. Because of the open nature of the ST platform, ST can’t limit the way the API is used enough for Chamberlain to sign off on it.

Like it or not, Chamberlain doesn’t want you to automate the opening and closing of your door. They insist that remote operation be controlled by a user pressing a button (either in their app, or another app).

As long as that is a limitation that they impose, there can be no official ST integration.

(Jason) #332

Actually, they just added scheduling to their app. So it isn’t so much preventing any kind of automation as much as insisting you use their app to do it. Too bad, too. They would benefit from the added demand if smartthings users could integrate.

(Paul) #333

That is true. I should have been more specific: Chamberlain does not allow automation via the API. You can do it with their app, but not from a 3rd party app.

(Glen King) #334

Well… that sorta shoots down all their supposed concerns about safety. Data-mining aside, it becomes very difficult to grasp their rationale.

And as far as SmartThings, that isn’t the goldmine here. It’s a lot of people, but not A LOT OF PEOPLE.
Alexa integration, otoh…

(Paul) #335

I think Chamberlain is a very conservative company, and since their products control an entry to your home, I can’t really blame them. At the end of the day, they aren’t really a tech company, and bet they don’t feel super comfortable evaluating the security of every platform that wants full API access. They choose to draw the line at “automated” control, as flawed as that choice may be. It’s their right to be cautious when it comes to opening their API, just as it is our right to choose a different garage door system.

I personally wish they would be more open, but I also understand that I am not the typical consumer. I have cameras in my garage :slight_smile:

(Glen King) #336

Except, of course, that the API specs were known back when Chamberlain announced their pending official integration with SmartThings. So they sold at least some product based on what, by this point, amounts to a LIE.

The conceptual comparison might be (a stretch, but hear me out) WellsFargo. Remember during the bailout, when they portrayed themselves as the conservative ‘honest’ bank compared to Citi and Morgan Stanley et al? And it’s only now that we find that, for many years, they’ve been opening millions of nonexistent accounts and bilking their customers of billions of dollars. Chamberlain’s business practices just seem shady to me where their promises of connectivity and interoperability are concerned, too shady to attribute to mere ‘conservative’ business practice. Were they truly conservative, they would design and deliver before they promise!! Where Chamberlain are concerned, I definitely think CAVEAT EMPTOR should be the rule.

( I hate Mondays) #337

There is a way. But it requires a raspberry pi or a linux server in the same LAN as the ST hub. Look up my first integration app attempt, called it HomeCloudHub and it runs on nodejs. Worked like a charm for a year…


How come they allow WINK to automate the Garage door then if that was the case?
Luckily for me, I haven’t had any issue with the app, my ST + Chamberlin garage door works fine to this day.
There is a LOT of complaining over on the official forums, finally a rep from the company addressed the concerns after a few years of non-stop complaints from users. They promised an app update that allows multiple users, “temporary codes” and the like by the end of Q1

(Nutso Smart) #339

Can somebody do a quick summary pls? So is the GoControl looking like a much better option regardless of the updated myQ app? If we choose th GoControl app, where is the guide to connect it to ST? N00b dumb dummy here. Thank you so much


The MyQ app has been working a while but it just stopped working again today… anyone else?

(jkp) #341

@luder888 You can more info about your situation here

(Brian) #342

MyQ updated some things on their end that broke all existing integrations. I’ve updated the MyQ Lite app to handle those changes, so it’s working again.

(Sal) #343

Thank you, with the updates you did its working back again. Appreciate your help and promptness…


Any updates on the MyQ integration? I haven’t had out my car now for over a year…