MyQ routine stopped working

I have a very basic routine set up where when my wife or I enter the neighborhood, our garage opens. It worked amazing until about a month ago but now it won’t do anything. We’re using our phones as presence sensors and we’re using Chamberlain’s MyQ as the garage opener. When I look under things at both our phones, it shows in the history when we leave and arrive. When I go into the garage opener I can open and close it, so it appears everything is working. We both have phones running on Nougat, and have set up the doze settings to ignore SmartThings. Ive also deleted the routine and created it again, as well as rebooting the hub. Anyone have any idea what else to try?

What smartapp are you using for the MyQ opener?

I believe it’s called “MyQ (connect)”

MyQ Connect is obsolete, it’s been dead for quite awhile. Try MyQ Lite instead…

Wait what lol it was working like a month ago! I’ll have to check out what you posted. Thanks for the response!

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Chamberlain made some changes to their API recently, which broke all MyQ integrations. MyQ Connect is no longer maintained, so it didn’t get updated to work with the changes.

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Thanks for the help! My garage door won’t open when I assign a routine. Using Chamberlain. Any ideas?