Dimming LED backlight on Aurora Double Wall Socket? (UK)

Anyone has an idea how dim the backlight of these sockets with Smartthings? The manufacturer promised to add an API to do so in Smarrthings but so far I still can’t dim them. With the high energy prices, I noticed that I spend over 20£ a month on appliances on standby. I guess I can lower the consumption here too. Also how many people find themselves having these randomly non-responsive? When I disconnect the power and reconnect it, the unresponsive sockets are working again.

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They never released that capability into ST and requests for info about this function went unanswered :frowning: So i think the only way it can be done is with their own app & hub.

Was hoping the move to Edge might prompt them to build some new drivers with the ability to dim the LEDs but no luck yet.

I played around with a custom DTH that added the light dimmer property to the stock DTH for the Aurora sockets. This worked fine but did have some presentation issues in the device - probably due to my coding expertise :roll_eyes:, and I seem to recall the setting reverted to full on a power cycle.

However, going forward, when they are switched to Edge it may be a reasonably easy (?) jump to add this to a custom driver if stock does not include it - maybe, possibly and by someone that knows what thet are doing🤞


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@TheHundredthIdiot Any luck with the LED ring control on the sockets? I have couple of them in my bedroom. want to turn them off

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No I’ve not pursued this any further, edge driver coding is not something I really want to get into at the moment…

Need to find a helpful and able soul here in the community who needs this too and can make a custom driver :nerd_face:

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I played around a bit with “Mariano Shared beta driver - Zigbee Light Multifunction MC” , This will detect one of the double socket as a Dimmer and we can alter the ring LED brightness, The drawback is it makes only one socket is useable and the other cannot be turned on via smartthings.

I also tried setting this up in the Home Assistant with Zigbee2MQTT, it works fine in Home Assistant.

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Oh that’s cool and changing the driver back retains the setting…

Would like it to be integrated but that will do for me for the moment, thanks @kiranmk702 for the info :+1:

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Hi @kiranmk702

Is a goog thing.

could you perform a driver change to zigbee thing Mc yo see all device info?

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Hi Mariano,

I changed the driver as suggested, I see an Icon showing the outlet switch and when I open it, the details of the device is shown ( attached) is this what is expected?

comparing to Zigbee2MQTT output, it looks like the Model number is different in the Zigbee Thing MC driver.

They only have cluster 0008, level, on endpoint 1.
It seems that this cluster must control the brightness of the two LEDs.

Install this version of the driver with the CLI or wait for it to update automatically or delete the old version from your hub and install this new one

 Name         Zigbee Multi Switch and Child Mc     
 Version      2023-09-07T14:02:32.28400695
- id: Aurora/DoubleSocket50AU
    deviceLabel: AURORA Outlet 1
    manufacturer: Aurora
    model: DoubleSocket50AU
    deviceProfileName: two-plug-level-1-power # two-plug-power # old profile

That works for me @Mariano_Colmenarejo thank you so much for adding this :+1::+1:


You are amazing!! This works perfectly. Really helpful! Thank you!

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This model is the brand model.
The fingerprint model is the Zigbee Model

ok Thanks for explaining this.

I noticed a small glitch in the GUI, when I set the dimmer the GUI shows as main switch and S1 is ON even though the actual physical switch is OFF.

Then I look at it, now I have to leave it

Hi @kiranmk702

Are you tried changing the led level when plug 1 is on?

The defaults send the MoveToLevelWithOnOff command and I figure that makes it show on.

The possible solution would be to manually duplicate and execute the setLevel code that is already in the defaults

Thanks Mariano, but Sorry how do I duplicate and setlevel code?


Sorry, I mean that to give a possible solution to device not showing on status, I would have to duplicate the code in the driver.

If works well, changing the level of the LED when plug1 is on then I would not have to modify the driver

Got it! Thanks Mariano.

Sorry read it again, yes it works fine when plug 1 is ON. But I tried to set up automation to turn brightness on during Day and low during the night. In this case, when plugs are not ON, the automation shows it ON only in GUI though.