Aurora AOne zigbee Dimmer

Just got a new Aurora AOne ZigBee dimmer switch. I must say I am rather pleased with it. Paired straight away and (so far) appears to work a treat. From my perspective, there are two rather nifty things about it - the first being that it doesn’t need a neutral - as long as you have the supply and load wires the correct way round, it just works. The second thing that I really like about it is that you can adjust the minimum brightness for the manual dimmer.

However… It has a rather annoying (or extremely attractive - depending on your tastes) Blue LED. The manual and advertising bumpf says that this can be turned off in the App. However, when I run up the App, the first thing that it does is prompt you to scan to QR code of a hub. Needless to say, I don’t have an Aurora AOne hub as I am using Smartthings.

Any idea how I turn the LED off without using the App or get round the requirement for the App to connect to a hub?

If I can sort this then I will definitely buy more of these as the do seem to work a treat.

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Hello I have the same dimmer switches. I read the same “manual and advertising bumpf”. So I called Aurora. They told me the only way to turn off the blue led is via their own hub. So you can’t I believe turn it off natively via smartthings. Maybe a different device handle could do this. As you can via the Aone hub

Hmm. That’s a PITA. I may have to review my thoughts about getting some more of these then.

I’m sure as things progress, you will be able to turn the blue led off or on. I didn’t like it at first.

@Filtertip @NickSpender
Based on my experience with a Fibaro module and the fact a custom DTH was written by someone for that to give more precise control and the fact that even with the AOne hub it is still speaking standard Zigbee to this dimmer I am confident it would be possible for someone to write an equivalent custom DTH for this.

It might then even be possible to do silly things like use the LED as a signal via Smartthings.

@AndyPrice-Aurora is an official AOne representative in these forums, perhaps he can respond with some assistance regarding this.

@NickSpender @Filtertip @jelockwood

Thanks for reaching out. The limitaiton of the blue LED control was primarily down to the lack of capabilities within the new smartthings app, an issue that has very recently been resolved. The great news is this should be added as a feature in the new app in the very near future.

In the meantime, I do have a custom DTH that can be temporarily swaped out for the default DTH in the IDE, and, using the classic app, can give you the option to turn off the blue LED. You then have to switch back to the standard ‘Zigbee Dimmer’ DTH to restore app control of the dimmer.

This was written by another community member, but ive had great success with it myself.

Please PM me if you would like the DTH code to be sent over to you



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