Aurora AOne Rotary Dimmer

Recently installed some of the aurora dimmers but have little trouble with flickering LEDs and glow when the lights are off.

@AndyPrice-Aurora has Aurora published a specific device handler for the dimmers? I noticed although it is working with the smartthings hub it’s only using a generic ZigBee device handler.

Ideally I’d like it to also have config options ie. Max/Min thresholds, led indicator on/off

Not all smart dimmers and switches work with all LEDs.

I’ve got a dozen Zooz devices but I have one set of Kodak Edison-style bulbs that would glow when the switch was off. I had a GE Enbrighten switch on hand and replaced the Zooz. Could also have replaced it with a different Zooz model.

That is the other solution although I’m not sure which bulbs are “approved” to work with thesev dimmers.

Currently I’ve got dimmable Philips GU10s hooked up and they work fine unless the power is set to high which causes the flicker and when turned off a couple of them glow.

Since it’s a digital dimmer you should be able to limit the max output to avoid supplying too much power and for the glow I believe this is caused by the dimmer backlight creating a load so turning that off should stop that.
But since the dimmers are only using the standard device handler I can’t access those options unless I build my own handler.