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Did Smart Lighting Die?

(John) #21

CoRE is cloud based. Nothing from the community is local. This thread is about Smart Lighting (and it appears I am alone in that problem). It sounds like your issue is CoRE, and there is another thread for the problems that you’re having. Support for community apps is hit or miss when emailing ST.

(Alan) #22

Hmm, I’ll make a fresh piston, but that core was just working. Sorry for the goose chase.

Update: it was my piston, for whatever reason it was just working and stopped. Did nothing to the code. Deleted the piston and rewrote it and it’s working.


The only automation, seriously the only one, that runs locally is the official smartlighting feature. And a few bits of smart home monitor. Routines don’t run locally. None of the smartapps in the marketplace section run locally. Only the official smart lighting feature. And then only with some devices. :disappointed_relieved:

If a smart app is in the marketplace section, it is considered “published.” Support will help you with those, as they will with routines, smart lighting, and smart home monitor.

Everything else, including core, is considered “custom.” Support usually will not help you with those, you have to look for help in the community.

If you had a new problem show up with core today, try the following thread:

(Alan) #24

Thank you.

(Aaron S) #25

We just ran some tests and are not seeing the same behavior globally. If you are still seeing issues, please contact support with the name of your automation and we can investigate.

(Alan) #26

Will do, thank you.

(Ray) #27

Just so you guys know. Local processing will be local only if no Internet. As long as you have ST cloud service and something is funny at the backend. You local processing is not going to take over. This is nothing official but I have seen this multiple times since smart lighting came out.


@Aaron Most (not all) of my Smart Lighting automations have stopped working as well. I tried stepping through the setup to give it the ol’ kick but no luck. I see other SmartApps responding to the motion state change in Live Logging, but no logs from Smart Lighting. I do see logs though for the few SL automations that are working. I’ll email support with the info.

(John) #29

The ones that work for me have at least one device that isn’t local. If all of the devices run locally, then SL shows nothing in the logs.


If it’s the hub logs, those never show local operations. But you should still see log entries in the individual devices.