Light turned off while sensor is still detecting motion - support needed

I’ve setup an automation in my kitchen to turn on work lights on motion. After 5 minutes of no motion it should turn off.

The problem I have is that it turns off the light after 5 minutes even if motion is still detected. Waving is not even working to turn it back on because motion is actually detected.

Is there a way for it to not turn of the light while motion is still detected?

I’m using the ST motion sensor and the Ikea wireless drivers.

Use smart lighting.

I have found that the custom automation creator will not work with what your trying to do.


Thank you. I will try this and see if it works better.

Not directly related to your problem, but similar if someone else is using a Hue Motion Sensor.

My dining room lights weren’t responding consistently. Finally figured out that it wasn’t that the motion wasn’t being detected or that the automation/routine wasn’t working… the daylight threshold was set too high. The sensor kept reading that the ambient light bright enough to not turn on the light.

What was happening as the season changed was the sunlight coming through the window on more cloudless days and at a slightly different angle was reflecting off the floor!


Is it screenshot from the new app?
I do not have such items, STHM only…
Google Photos

Unfortunately, I can’t answer that question. I am only fluent in American English.

FWIW… I don’t believe that STHM is available in every country.

I mean your screenshot. It displays smartlining for example. I don’t have such an item and I don’t understand how to add it.
Sorry for my English. :slightly_smiling_face:

Ok. I understand now. Smart lighting is available in both apps. The top screenshot below is from the classic app, bottom screenshot is from the V3 app. Smart lighting was installed with both of my apps. I didn’t have to install it separately. Maybe your country is different. I don’t know.

I was sure that apps can be installed in the classic version only. Everything that I tried to add from the repository in the new version does not appear to me.

For me Smart Lighting was available in new app without doing anything. I’m in the UK .

@oldcomputerwiz I also wanted to say that your solution works and it fixed the issue.

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Yes, smart lighting is a core part of the app. I thought that it would be installed automatically.

@Alexander_vm If you don’t have smart lighting maybe you could try uninstalling and reinstalling the app? The other option would be to contact ST support.

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