Aeotec360 camera does not work with smartthings. error 82-100

Hello to everyone. I am a smartthings user in Turkey. I am using V3 hub. I bought an aeotec 360 camera from amazon. The device does not integrate with my existing smartthings hub system. Smartthings app warns code 82-100 and asks for a v-home account. Although there is no such expression on the product, I could not understand why I was experiencing this problem. I beg you to assist.

The camera link I bought:

Hi (Selam) Bugra,
have you tried restarting the device? (Hub and camera)

I talked to Aeotec. They informed me that I encountered an error like this because there was a problem with the SKU. I am attaching their response below.

Blockquote Unfortunately you were sent the Vodafone version which requires a subscription. The model number ends in VF which is the vodafone model.

It is not possible for us to change this model.

You need the model that ends in EU, AU, or US.

Any hub or camera listed with EUVF requires vodafone subscription.

Please have this camera returned to the vendor. What country are you located in? I will try to advise a vendor you can purchase from safely. > Blockquote

There was a model of that camera that was created specifically for use with the Vodafone V-Home security system in the UK and Germany. It will not work with a regular SmartThings account. :thinking: And Vodafone has since discontinued it.

This is the old listing:

Unfortunately, you quite often see them for sale used on eBay and similar marketplaces and people have sometimes bought them without understanding that they weren’t the same as the unlocked versions.

Did you buy yours new from an authorized retailer like Amazon? If so, it may be a mistake on the part of the retailer, and you might have to exchange it.

Otherwise, if you bought it used or from another source, what’s the exact model number? And does it say Vodafone anywhere on the box or the camera?

Thank you for your interest.

The sku number of the product sent to me is GP-AEOCAMEUVF . The serial number specified by the seller is GP-AEOCAMEU. I contacted the seller but he blamed me and insisted on a refund. I was able to get my money back thanks to the Amazon guarantee. I need a camera right now and can’t get it. This is so annoying.

Amazon product link

There are really a lot of these devices on second market . @Aeotec, really? This is a huge waste of equipment and over production of rubbish. Extreme wastefulness. I don’t believe that it was not possible to prepare a tool to unlock these cameras manually or remotely by manufacturer.

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