Is IM6001-V3P22 vodafone branded?

When I try to connect to smartthings the SmartThings V3 hub tells me to activate a Vodafone V-Home subscription, why?
the hub is theoretically not one of the branded ones

As I understand it, the hubs were locked to Vodafone by serial number, not model number. You may need to contact support directly to see if it can be used.

(This forum was set up several years ago so customers could help other customers: it’s not an official support channel.)

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And if you ignore the message and just try to add to the Smartthings app as a hub (obviously you don’t use the Vodafone app at all) what happens?
I have one that works perfectly, albeit with a Vodafone icon on each page and the Home Monitor named as V-home Monitor.
It needed to connect and update it’s firmware, which took around 30 minutes.
From around about 2019 the hubs (all of the Aeotec hubs I think) are no longer hardware locked (must go by serial number as @JDRoberts says) although accessory cameras sold in the same pack are. Good luck.


I apologize for the Italian language…
I don’t know how to ignore it, how did you do it?

Try +Add device / By device type / Smart Home Hub and select Smartthings where you have an option for model.
If you can’t get past any messages from then on ( might take time) by just ignoring and continuing then I think you might be out of luck and should consult your vendor if you were told it was unlocked.
I see it is 2018 which would possibly indicate it is hardware locked to Vodafone.

at this point I think so, thanks a lot anyway