Smartthings Security Camera says it’s not a registered device :/

Hi, just purchased an original smartthings security camera, hoping it would connect quite easily to my hub v2. Running through the steps on the app, I get to a point where I have to scan in the QR code from the back of the camera. Doing so throws up ‘This cameras serial number isn’t registered for use with SmartThings’, yet its a bloody smartthings camera?!

Does anyone know if this thing just won’t connect because I need the latest hub or is there something more wrong here that I’m oblivious to? Any help & advice would be great :+1:t2:


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What country are you in and where did you buy it? I think that model may only work with Vodafone and telcel SmartThings WiFi units.

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UK. Yer after some further investigation I found these cameras are only for the V home system that’s is on smartthings but for Vodafone. Tbh is an annoyance as these cameras should work across the board and not just for one particular ISP.

So it’s been returned and have to see which other security cameras will be better suited.


I have exactly the same problem. It’s a joke.
BTW: anyone tried to flash the software of the camera? Is it possible?