F-CAM-VF-1 How to connect?

Hi to everyone,
I got this camera F-CAM-VF-1 from ebay, it say Smartthings Camera , the link is https://www.ebay.de/itm/SmartThings-Wifi-Camera-Wlan-
and i cannot connect to my hub. I have a new Smartthings hub v3.
When I try to add a device this camera is not listed.
Please help.

The V3 hub doesn’t support IP cameras. I believe those cameras were sold to work with the Vodafone SmartThings partnership, which uses SmartThings WiFi mesh system.

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What is V-home Hub?
Samsung sells only Samsung Hub v3 or WIFI.
Vodafone wants to sign up for 2 years, we should be able to do ourselves.

It’s a partnership Samsung has with Vodafone.

hello. i also have this camera…maybe there is a way to acess it via IP / router instead of smartthings?
anyone can help?

hi. this camera has its own WIFI AP. is there a way to discover the wifi passord for it?

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there is micro-USB port connector, but NOT usb, there is ethernet port…10/100usb-microb-plug-connector-4
Like this:
1- Tx+ usb pin 4
2-Tx- usb pin 3
3-Rx+ usb pin 2
6-Rx- usb pin 5
The connection is https://… by DHCP

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Did you find the password?

Hi Marcelo,

Did you win?

Any new updates on this? I wish I could get mine to work. I even opend the case to hopefully see anything that would help but it way more complicated than I tought. I even tried to reverse engineer the Vodafone App for the Wifi password but with no success either.

I ended up buying the v-home hub and the cameras work flawless but i just lost one camera due to the last outage that took place around the 19th of April. I can’t install again anymore. I keep getting errors.