Devices not updating status

(Sal Marano) #1

Since yesterday’s outage my devices are not updating there status, any solutions to this

(Ben W) #2

All devices?

Try rebooting the Hub, if that fails contact support.

It its only a few devices, then a battery pull on the device may fix it.

(Robert) #3

I’m having a similar problem with my GE Zwave switches not reporting status and not functioning. i already rebooted my hub.

(Ben W) #4

If its zwave try doing a zwave repair. If you have an airgap on the switch pull it out for a bit and push it back in after a few seconds.

(Robert) #5

I tried all of that. Does the zwave repair notify you when it’s finnished? I just kept going. Anyway, I had to exclude the switch and reconnect it for it to work again. I have never had any issue with my switches until yesterday.

Now subscriptions are broken ? What next?
(Ben W) #6

It does not. I think it actually takes a long time for it to fully discover the network.