GE Light Switch 12727 lost connectivity to hub

I’ve had a GE Light Switch (model 12727) installed and operational through the hub for about a month. It has worked as expected. However, in the past few days, any commands by the hub are ignored. The switch does work manually. Up to now, I’ve removed the device and reinstalled it and reset the hub. Nothing has changed such as distance from the hub etc. Any ideas of what to do next?

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I would do a ZWave repair too. I had the same issue and they actually had me also do a “replace” which resets the device in place.

Exactly, do a zwave repair and wait 10 or 15 minutes depending upon how many devices you have, and then you might have to do a replace. I have about 25 of these and I have to do 3 or 4 replaces a year because they lose connection from time to time.

I did a z-wave repair, but no changes. A replace didn’t seem to help. I’ve removed the device once and saw it wasn’t in the list anymore. Then did a connect to refind it. It found a switch (there is only one in the house so far), but the same results.

Thanks for the suggestions.

I had this issue and if I recall I had to go into the IDE and remove the switch.

Going vaguely off memory I believe it was completely gone from the app but not from IDE.

Once I was able to remove it from the IDE and add it back in the app all was fine.

A replace works when you get the message that it was successful. Before you do a replace, you need to make sure the device failed. When I do a replace, I reset the device to factory, then click replace. If your device is no longer there check this post:

When my GE switches decide to become unresponsive I usually just have to pull up the airgap for a couple of seconds and then do a replace. This sometimes takes a couple of tries. After that the switch usually has a long delay when turned on/off through the app but after a couple times turning on/off this is gone, too.

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