Z-Wave Switch, status not updating

I installed a GE Z-Wave switch and connected it. The problem is that the app is hit or miss on whether it will work. One switch I can use turns on and off and the status with it in a matter of seconds.

This other one when off it turns on immediately, but the status takes several minutes (or a refresh or two) to get it to show on. Then when I press on it will not turn off the light, nor change the status.

I should also point out that one switch when off the blue led is off, this one when the light is off, the blue led is on. Not sure how/why they are different.

Also this switch was a 3-way, but I turned it into a 2-way by nutting the black wires together at one junction and then not use the red wire.

Try doing a Z-Wave network repair. Also the indicator light option is in settings for the individual device, just press the gear icon when you have the device open.

Thank you for getting back with me. In my SmartThings app I see no indicator light option.

Also I searched for doing a network repair and I have a replace and a remove option on that device.

Is there something else I am missing (should I be using a different app)?

I found the online thing. Looked like one switch came up as a generic switch so I changed it and now have the indicator light option for it. I do not see anything about repairing however.

I found the repair thing. I have some more 3-way switches to install in the morning. I am going to get them installed first and then I will see if that helps or I should repair.

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Wait to repair.

So I got the other switches installed. I tried out the one that was problematic and it was turning on and off immediately. I will have to try tonight because it is light out and cannot 100% tell it is working. I am thinking that this switch might have been just too far away from the hub, but now that I added a few switches in between they are linking better.