Devices not working in new app

So about half of my devices do not work under new app. smartthings support is no help.

  1. Is there away to load device handlers like the old system?
  2. do old device handlers work in new CLOUD environment?
  3. should I hope google puts out a hub that works and ditch smartthings?

Reports are that the new app doesn’t support any device with custom dth. Recommendation is to Continue using the classic app.


Stick to Classic for now. Details are just now starting to (unofficially) trickle out on custom devices working in the new app, so hopefully you’ll be able to at least have them display correctly soon. until then, stick to the Classic app.


The official current position on ZigBee and Z-Wave Device type handlers for the new API & App, is that there isn’t even published documented specications for these yet!

This page is essentially blank:

Why is it impossible to get official information from ST on what is ahead ? Why has no official post given a basic road map of whats coming or NOT coming, no one owes nothing to anyone in real terms but as we have all invested in ST some, very heavily not only with hardware but development time surely those above all others deserve a post or two outlining where development of the new app is and what is ahead or coming soon.