Device is unavailable

So this has been happening to my osram gardenspot and outdoor jasco switch. Have a ticket into support but it has been several weeks without help.

I have removed and repaired as well as moved the hub within 10 ft of the devices. I also have a Iris plug and centralize plug and he outdoor switch to help the mesh.

Has this been resolved?
I’m also getting a large number of devices that are showing up as unavailable.

I am as well, everything has worked perfectly for months then 2 days ago 8 various things went unavailable. Removed and re-added them to finally fix it. However, now the performance is very erratic and multiple devices intermittently go unavailable but come back online themselves.

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Do they still work? Do they come back when you use them? The device health reporting seems unreliable, but usually for sensors.

When they are listed as unavailable they do not work but they do infrequently come back online when used. Most of the time they do not come back online from interacting with them only.

I turned off device health.

Even with Device Health turned off, I’m still getting a number of devices being unavailable.

Zwave or zigbee devices?

Primarily Z-Wave. However, I just got a new SmartThings presence sensor.(zigbee) Worked perfectly for 48 hours. Then it became unavailable. Why? It’s brand new out of the box?
Does anyone out there know what’s going on?

I’m still having the issue as well. I don’t think this started right after the last update but could that be the issue?

check out this thread…

Are any of your devices that are offline zwave plus?

I am now experiencing a similar issue. It started with 2 of my door sensors about 2 weeks ago and slowly moved across 10+ devices. Support recommended I exclude and add back in. That didn’t fix the problem. Replace didn’t fix the problem. For the record I’m on hub gen 2.

After reinstall of a device, it will work for a few minutes and then stop all together. The only device brands affected are fibraro (motion sensors) and aeotec (smart plug 6, door sensor 5, micro controller). Z-wave repair did not help.

Clicking the x on device is unavailable screen does allow me to control on occasion.

I am in the same boat as you. A few weeks ago my IRIS motion sensors would randomly go in and out of availability. Today I logged in and saw that about 50% of my devices are unavailable (but had been active within the past 5 minutes).

I have Z-wave, Zigbee, and Wi-Fi devices from Visonic, IRIS, Linear, Cree, GE, and Linear that are not working and devices from Aeon, Xiaomi, Fibaro, HomeSeer, and Monoprice that are working. Rebuilding the Z-Wave network didn’t help.

I can also close the “Device Unavailable” screen and interact with my devices.

Thanks Obama

Same thing for me. All my Z-Wave devices are marked as unavailable, but I can interact with them, and receive data (such as power consumption). Rebuilding did not help as well.

Glad to see it’s not just me, but concerned that this is a larger issue. All my things (except garage door opener) are unavailable. Very frustrating with all the money we spent to automate everything.

A lot of my z-wave devices are offline at one of my locations…strange

Support asked me to hard reset the hub (even the batteries) did not change much… I can still interact with the devices.

It’s back to normal now

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My z-wave devices are all offline as well.