Device Handler for Aqara 2 Gang Wired Wall Switch no Neutral

I’ve created this new topic for discussions of the Xiaomi Aqara Wall Switch, QBKG03LM, with no neutral wire, in particular my (@aonghusmor) DH.

This was my first smart device ever (0 experience with coding) and following your work plus the work of user [u/Mike_Rolle] to create the virtual switches i got it working!!! Now going to wire my entire house with Aqara switches!!! Been wanting to do this for over a year.

One question - do you guys have solutions for getting 2-way switches to work (using two seperate single button Aqara switches to control just one light)? I assume some kind of IFTTT would be needed, but if you can direct me to a thread or code that would do it for me, i would really appreciate it.

There are several different ways to do this.

  1. if you are using a smart bulb, then it’s always possible to use more than one unwired switch to toggle (not switch on or off) the bulb.
  2. With a dumb bulb and one wired and one unwired switch, let the unwired switch soft toggle the wired one.
  3. With devices , such as those from Fibaro or Aeotec, which are not switches as such, but fit behind a conventional switch to make it smart, it’s possible to wire it up to use the existing 2 way switch wiring.
    The first 2 of these use an app, such as “Smart Ligting” or " ABC Manager" (Advanced Button Control) to link the unwired switch to the bulb or to the wired switch. In such cases it’s generally better to use ‘toggle’ rather than ‘on/off’, as otherwise it’s all too easy for the state of the switch to get out of sync with the state of the bulb or the other switch.
    Hope this helps.

Hi @aonghusmor, just a quick note to say a massive thank you to you and the others who have worked on this DH, works an absolute treat :smile:
Thanks Again!

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