Device Handler for Aqara Wired Wall Switch

Thanks @aonghusmor, up and running!

I’ve just posted a version which works, sort of, in the new Samsung SmartThings App.
I’ve tested that it still works with @erocm1231’s ‘Virtual Device Sync’ and with ‘Advanced Button Controller’.
I can’t find any documentation which explains how to organise the interface within the new App and I don’t know why it appears as it does. But it does work.

Now works with the new Samsung App

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If you are able to obtian logs when the on/off loop issue occurs then I’d be happy to look at them to see whether there’s something I can fix. Please switch on the ‘debug’ option.

Shall I close/lock this thread and aonghusmor open a dedicated thread for his DH?

This is to close the legacy issues and avoid confusion for people looking for DH for Aqara wired wall switches (W/o neutral).

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I agree. Now on Device Handler for Aqara 2 Gang Wired Wall Switch no Neutral
I’ll post some basic information later.

I cant lock the thread. But i have edited the first post to redirect to your new thread.

Thanks for your efforts to carry the torch onwards.

Hi @lpthanh
First of all thanks for your DHT. It’s working perfectly with Aqara Dual in Wall Relay (LLKZMK11LM) as well.
I have only one small issue… status update in the modern ST app.
When I first started to use this DHT, if I click on one of the child devices (and sometimes on the main one), the on/off status wouldn’t update in both Classic & Modern apps.
I then disabled debug logging in the Classic app, this solved the issue there. But the modern App, I still have the same issue. The behaviour is that the button gets stuck with a spinning wheel, until I click on the device main icon, and go into its standalone page. Then the status updates & I can back out & the status is showing properly in the overview page. Same behaviour if I start from the button page, I need to back out & in again to force a ‘refresh’ of sorts.

I’m wondering if you figured out a way to resolve this…

Otherwise perfectly working DHT. Thanks again.

I have just make it work with a DH that come with smartthings ide “Zigbee Switch” it work very find with no problems

Interesting… Did you make any changes to the DH or do you just use it “as is”…
Which output is controlled with this DH - L1 or L2?

I don’t make any change, the only error I belive I found is that I can only control l1 with s2

But in DH if you pair it with the smartthings classic app it create two separate devices like two separate switches and work with all functions.

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Hey, been using your DH for a while and the first switch has changed to this twice now… Any advice as I’m not sure what’s happened here?

I’m not able to action the switch while it looks like this and need to delete and reinstate the device

So the button with the circular arrow has disappeared. That is a situation I haven’t seen myself. Have you checked that nothing has changed in the settings? Tap the wheel symbol, upper right, check that everything is OK and then save. I’m mainly curious whether that ‘save’ operation changes anything.

Not the refresh button, I’ve never had the refresh button image (it works if I push the cube anyway).

I mean that button one changes to this “released”/"pressed/ state rather than “on”/“off”, thoughts?

The difference between these 2 cases is related to whether the left hand switch is wired or unwired. Can you check whether that setting has somehow changed? There is some code in the DH which attempts to determine that automatically, but, it’s possible that something is wrong with that.

Both switches are wired, here is a snap of my settings:

I haven’t been able to identify why it has got into this state, but I have added some code to check that it should behave properly irrespective of whether it is labelled “released” or “on/off”.

I think once it goes I to this push button state it no longer works as a switch as it doesn’t latch when pressed? Is there a way to turn off the autodetect and move this feature into the setup stages of the switch?

Btw, operating the switch manually has changed it back to an on/off, not sure if this is new as we generally never touch this switch.

I get this with some of my switches too, sometimes the left switch suddenly becomes a button. I’m not sure if this helps, but I noticed that the switch works fine if the “Choose unwired switch” is left at “Not set” (which means deleting and re-adding the switch and never entering the switch settings page as that will force you to pick a value for the unwired switch). If it gets changed to “None” then the left switch becomes a button.

Hi aonghusmor,

Since you mentioned it’s working with Virtual Device Sync, I just redid my entire setup to use Virtual Device Sync as I noticed that Virtual Device Sync creates Simulated Switches, whereas my previous setup was using Virtual Switches that are linked to the physical wall switch using Aqara Wall Switch Binder 1.1.

Maybe there’s a difference between Simulated Switches and Virtual Switches? I’ll let you know if the looping still happens.