Aqara Single Switch Module T1 (No Neutral) Device Handler

Hi All,

Have recently purchased an Aqara Switch Module T1 Model SSM-U02, does anyone have any links for Device Handlers for this please?

Intention was to set this up within a light switch in a bathroom with the Aqara Motion Sensor. I do have a H1 Hub so if it comes to that I can always plug that back in, but if at all possible would love to just connect to the SmartThings hub.

Have already got various Aqara wall switches set up via the ST hub thanks to this group.

Thanks to all, for the amazing work that is carried out in getting these kind of things up and running so that they are accessible directly via ST.

Groovy device handlers will be going away, probably as soon as the end of September.

So it would probably be better to look for an edge driver, as these are part of the new architecture.

You can find those in the quick browse lists in the community-created wiki:

How to Quick Browse the Community-Created SmartApps Forum Section - Things That Are Smart Wiki

And if you need more information about edge:

FAQ: I have no idea what Edge is. Is that a new developer tool? (2022)

And here’s the information about the changeover date:

Groovy deprecation - end of September 2022?

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Try this thread


Perfect, will have a look, thank you.

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Thansk very much, will take a look.

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Have just added this smart switch module to my SmartThings hub and it added immediately using the Zigbee Switch driver.

So if anyone is searching for the Aqara T1 single switch module (no neutral) SSM-U02 all is good in the world!

Thanks all.

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