Aqara Wall Switch devices to smartthings?

Hi Folks,
Opening up a thread to seek some help from any awesome people in the community.
Well, I love smart things for many reason with the ability to integrate various product but however I have purchased aqara wall D1 wall switch(No neutral) in confidence to being able pair it with smart things.

Understand the pairing needs alot of work in this case. Is there a solution that can manage to make my wall switches work with smart things? I do have the various model & hence would like to seek help here.

I have the following models.

  1. QBKG25LM (3 GANG)
  2. QBKG22LM( 2 GANG)

Those are already plugged & installed. Tried to use [aonghusmor] device handler & was being able to pair successfully but still find it buggy with no ability to switch it ON/OFF or switching to the gangs.

anyone with any thoughts on how I can get myself around this? Your help is greatly appreciated!

Have you tried any of the Aqara Edge Drivers?
You can find the my searching for Edge Aqara using the search function.

Hey paul, thanks for the reply.
I have not heard about it & will do a search for it.

Will revisit this post to update if it’s successful.

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The community-created wiki has a set of quick browse lists of the publicly available edge drivers by device class. Just remember that since edge itself is still in beta, so are all the drivers.

Hi Zak - did you ever make this work?