Xiaomi Aqara Smart Light Switch Wireless Version (Not Wired)

Can someone confirm they have successfully added these to smartthings and if so which DH are you using
They are battery powered and can be stuck any where.
Single version WXKG03LM http://www.gearbest.com/access-control/pp_626696.html
Double version WXKG02LM http://www.gearbest.com/alarm-systems/pp_610095.html


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@JDRoberts have you see anyone confirm these work?

@Mario_Fuchs I see you mentioned you have purchased a double version did you get it too work?


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I’ve just received my first set of Xiaomi sensors and have been impressed so far. With these at around £10 each ATM I’m tempted to order a few single & dual gang switches, i don’t imagine the single is too different from the original Xiaomi push button. The existing DH will need a little reverse engineering but it should be doable.

Any updates on the DH for the Double version?

I can get it to join but both switches report the same information so it’s useless as double switch it would take someone very clever to be able to work out what to send to the device to make to ST compatible if its even possible

How did you get it to join? I can’t figure out whatever the sequence is. I have the single-switch so hoping I don’t run into your issue and I manage to get it working…!

Some news? Can I have some help. I try many device type but not working

i have DH that works

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Hi whats the device type i need for these?

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Do you have the double switches or the single?

i have both

Can we have it? Can you post the code or send the link?
Thanks from me and from the community

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I’m thinking of getting a few of the Aqara switches for several rooms in my home, but would ideally have them linked to smart-possibly-RGB lights instead of dumb lights…

But! I’d like to know beforehand if the wireless switches will be compatible… and a plus for the 2 switch version…

But you must add the switch by catchall method - in the ID go to |MY HUBS|
and find List Events
Than from the app on the phone put the hub in searching mode by + Thing,
thane press and hold the switch for 5 sec until it blincks two times, that
means it throws a catchall, in events list find the row that conains
catchall: and copy the deviece ID from it (something like this F10B). In ID
add a new device and put it for Device Network Id * ,for Type *
select Xiaomi
Aqara Light Switch ON/OFF and save the new device.

Do you mean there’s already a DH for it? If you could point me in the direction of it, I’d appreciate it… :sweat_smile:

give me you e-mail and i’ll send you the DH

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Sent, thanks!

EDIT: Got it!

So this is the wireless version? Yay! Can’t wait to use it… Although… I wonder if it’ll accept the double switch too or only the single?

Can’t wait to hear if it works Daniel…! :slight_smile:
Hope you report back…

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I sent a mail to @enchoss but might as well put it here too…

I was thinking about whether to get the double or single switch versions… I know right now they act as only one…

What would I need to do to have different actions take place depending on the number of button clicks / presses? (does that make any sense?)

Was in doubt too…
But i have now ordered a couple of the single version switches, since it look like the double button functionality is blocked due to limitations in Smartthings…
The chance for this to get changed, before a new and even more fancy switch from Xiaomi hits the market, is relatively small… :wink:

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