Xiaomi aqara wired wall switches


I got the non neutral version on the xiaomi wired wall switch and connected it up and it works lovely. I then tried to pair it with ST by the following method.

  1. Held down on button for 5 secs and put ST into discovery mode
  2. ST discovered a thing so I added it and went to ide
  3. I created new device handler from link I got from community which everyone on the post agreed it worked but alot of talk about the catchall method ???
  4. I went into my devices in ide and changed the wall switches handler to the new one I just added.
    5 I gave it an hour and everything seemed hunky dory

Result - I can switch the lights locally and can see the toggling on my ST app but I can’t switch the lights via the app ???

This catchall method is an obvious step I’ve missed but can’t figure out what it is and how to do it if this is indeed the problem


@bodonovan9 You may be better off moving asking this question in the Original & Aqara thread here