Device Handler for Aqara 2 Gang Wired Wall Switch no Neutral

As my DTH works with @erocm1231’s Virtual Device Sync, I was worndering whether you have tried that and whether there is some additional functionality required in addition to that provided by this.

Hi @aonghusmor !

I’ve updated my DHT with your latest updated version from github.
I saw a big change regarding the temperature measurement, the value changed immediately to the right one, but I have a problem with the DHT in the new Samsung Connect app.The On/off switch does not work .when I press it, the ring keep on rotating but nothing happens :frowning:

If you can take a look, please, when you have time:D
On the old Samsung app it works just fine, flawlessly!

Thank you,

I’m aware of this issue. Part of the problem is that Samsung haven’t released all the information required, … or I haven’t found it yet, so I’m working in the dark. I am experimenting with it
though. I suspect I may have to undo the change I made several months ago to make both switches appear to have equal weight in the old app.


Due to that issue I am currently using the 13.08.2019 version of your DHT which works just fine in the new app😁
With just one mention I am really satisfied with this release


@aonghusmor Does your DH also work with the wireless switches by Aqara? Those used to work in the Classic app but unfortunately I couldn’t get them to work properly with the new app.

Mine only works with the wired no neutral switches. There’s a good DH by @bspranger for the wireless switch.

After some experimentation I have now posted a version which should work with the new App. I haven’t completely worked out how to control the arrangment of tiles in the new App, but I believe the version in the link on message 16 on this topic now works as we would expect.
In particular, there is a basic switch tile, a button tile and a momentary tile, as well as a temperature tile. The switch tile and the momentary tile control the left and right switches respectively. On the single switch they both work.
Pressing these tiles should also work as a simple button in the case where one of the switches is unwired.


I’ve already tried the DH by @bspranger. Unfortunately, they haven’t been updated lately and the two-button versions of the switch therefore no longer work with the new ST app.

This last update of your it’s really great! It’s flawless now with the new app.
The only thing that is a little bit annoying it’s in the Classic App, where all my Wall Switches look now like some thermometers, but i think it’s a start to moving to the new app

Thank you again,

Thanks for the positive comment.
I’m puzzled by your description as looking like some thermometers. I’m not seeing that. Can you give me more details?

I put here some screenshots. Instead of ON/Off button on the main screen, for every aqara switch that I have appears the temperature of it.

After I press any of the switches it looks normal.
This only happens on Classic app.on new SmartThings app everything is good

And apparently (not that I care about much), the settings button does not work either on old classic app

OK! I think it’s now fixed. All these bugs were down to a single error. Unfortunately the suggestions in the forum on the settings problem caused me to waste several hours looking in a completely wrong place and reinstalling a switch several times. I found the error when I saw your screen shot and understood what you meant by the switches looking like thermometers. So thanks for that feedback.

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Yes, indeed now it’s fixed!
For now, all is working perfect on both Classic and New App!
Great job, once again!
If I find something new, I write you feedback.


I’m using the 2 button switch with @bspranger’s DT and it seems to work on both apps. However, what doesn’t work on either app is that you can’t ‘see’ the 2nd switch from the App. Is that the issue, or is it something else?

Hello again

I’ve found another small bug.Remember the on/off loop?
It happens again when you do a fast on->off hard push on a switch.I’ve managed to manual interrupt the loop by pressing a few times on the switch.Once again, it happens only on very fast pushes( just like if you want to take a fast peak into a room).if you use the switch normal, nothing unusual happens.

If you need more from me,let me know.there is no hurry with this one, I can live with that😁


Your description suggests that the issue may be related to the fact that the switch sends the same code when it is held and when it is double pushed. It then sends another code when the hold is released, but not when it is double pushed. That makes these 2 cases hard to distinguish. I’m not even sure whether the hardware is left on or off after the double push. Could be the software and the hardware getting out of sync. Leave it with me. I now know where to look, which is always a good starting point.

Yes, the double switch only shows up as a single button in the new app. Also, if I remember correctly, it failed to register the “double press” action.

I haven’t looked at this in detail, but I suspect the issue may be the same as with the wired switch, namely that the codes sent by the switch make it difficult to distinguish between a double press and a hold.
Also, with an unwired switch there is less need to make it possible to soft press the switch within the app, as it is always possible to switch the (e.g.) lamp directly fromthe app.

My main issue is with the new app is that the second button of the double rocker design isn’t registered at all and therefor can’t be setup in routines at all. I could live without support for double press or hold commands, but this basically turns all of my double rocker switches into single rockers.

You’ll need to either have a DTH put together that generates a child device for the second switch, or create a virtual switch that mirrors the behavior of the second switch.

The new app doesn’t yet support custom commands and attributes used in DTH’s like these, but we’ve been told that will happen some day.