Device Handler - Doesnt see Battery Level

Im trying to rewire the ERIA Smart Dimmer Handler

I can not seem to get the battery level to update (Classic Tiles or new ST interface)

Im basing it off of this handler – basically because that handler was acting really weird

Any ideas would be appreciated – in addition, while you are in there, if you see a reason why refrersh/configure trigger twice when triggered from the UI Tile

I noticed the default SmartThings handler for the Eria dimmer remote doesn’t report battery, either. It also doesn’t seem to report back to the hub at all, so it gets marked offline in the app. I’m not sure if the device doesn’t support it or if something isn’t being set right during configuration. Maybe @BroderickCarlin or one of the other Zigbee engineers knows.

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@Automated_House THANK YOU … less OCD continue to poke at it.

May I ask if when using that DH, do you see multiple events triggered?

I’ll have to check some logs, but not that i’ve noticed.

Has there been any update on getting the AduroSmart Eria dimmer to register battery level?

What is the correct (current) device handler? Does it operate all 4 buttons?
I found a few versions but not sure what is the correct one. Thanks!

no. I emailed Adurosmart support and told them. They blamed the new app UI. I informed them the battery state had never been populated by the dth, so its a problem with the DTH or firmware. They never responded after that. I suggest you contact their support to get it on their radar.

The default one when you add it to smartthings. I think it uses the standard zigbee multibutton dth.

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@Automated_House I just emailed them again. I’ll update if I hear anything. They had previously (September) told me that they sent it to the development team and could not reproduce them problem.

@Patrick_van_Dongen here is a the dth sent to me directly by AduroSmart on September 22. It did not fix the battery issue and I don’t know code well enough to tell if it is different than the default dth. Maybe @Automated_House knows?


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Thanks Terri.
I will try your link because I didn’t get my 4 buttons to work. Maybe this one will work for me.
Battery fix is a nice to have for me now :wink: