Adurosmart wireless dimming switch

Hello, I got myself an Adurosmart dimming switch and I am having an issue pairing it with the Hub.
I manage to create a custom device handler by merging code from this post ERIA AduroSmart Dimmer Buttons 1 and 4 stopped working - #5 by Martin_Bresson and with the master of the original “Zigbee Multi Button” but the battery indicator is not working and also it seems to only recognise only one button despite it having 4. Anyone any ideas how to get this working?
This is what I see in the graph API:

Seams like I merged the code wrongly, So I get it working but I am wondering if I can better condition than the ones in the APP?

That’s awesome, welcome to our Community, @Martin_Pitak!
Can you give more details about your last question, please?

I think I figured it out as I discover WebCore as SmartThing currently only support really basic conditioning.

But I still have issues with the remote, It double triggered presses so I fiddled with it and figured a way to avoid them (i think there is a possibility for a “held” status but with only two of the four buttons).

The only major missing piece is the battery but since I still haven’t found decent documentation it’s going to take a while.

I see, about the battery, you mean you’re missing how to get its current status from the device and then update that value on the SmartThings side?

Basically yes as the current code in the Device Handler is not working so I am trying to fix it.