Eria Remote Registering Multiple Button Presses

I bought a few Adurosmart Eria 4 button remotes. They paired fine as Zigbee multi-button, but I’ve noticed in the IDE logs and in WebCore that a single press of either the power on or power off buttons results in multiple ‘button pressed’ status updates which is causing unpredictable behavior. Oddly enough, the 2 dimmer buttons in the middle only register a single pressed event when clicked. Anyone else seen this?

Were you able to figure this out? I’m having a similar issue. When I first pair the remote, all 4 buttons register a press in the IDE. But then, I cannot see any subsequent presses logged in the IDE.

I’m also seeing this issue.

I just stepped into similar issues. I def. see multiple presses (saw it in the IDE). I found this random reddit thread talking about a Device Handler

Ive installed it, and there are traces of the button being HELD, but it doesnt actually work. Im going to try to peel the handler apart right now and see if I can fix it. It appears that there are like 3 devices in it, and a lot of conditional code which may have it act funky.

Ill report back here if I make any progress

good news / bad news

As I was cleaning this up, I realized that the HELD functions were not targeted at this switch. BUT the good news is, I realized that when HELD it does record multiple PUSHED actions. So, in webcore, you can just ratchet down based on pushes. I did notice it does not work that good.

For future travelers, ERIA support has chimed in over on the WebCore Forum

** UPDATE **
Issue seems to be resolved. Discussion in the Webcore thread

I reviewed that thread but it is quite long. Is there a ST Device Handler specifically to resolve this issue, that I can install directly into SmartThings?

looks like a fix is incoming

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looks like that Pull Request has been closed. It looked like it was based off an older version of the original handler. Hopefully they are reworking it.

They submitted a new PR, but it may be screwed up too. Has many unrelated changes under it.

@prjct92eh2 hrm … can you post a link to it … Im coming up empty

They closed it and opened another. The new new one doesn’t look right either :man_facepalming:

They are ripping out their code from the generic zigbee-multi-button.groovy and have basically stubbed out2 new handlers one for their motion sensor and one for the switch. But there is no code in there yet

They’re attempting to update the zigbee multi button handler, but apparently having trouble re-basing to the most up to date version and not including all the other changes.

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NICE – have you tried it?

Not yet. Maybe I’ll tinker tomorrow.