Newbie Device Handler IDE Question

Sorry for the novice questions about to follow…
How do I know if I need to update device handlers in the IDE? Specifically the AduroSmart Eria dimming remote.

I could not figure out which version I am running. AduroSmart sent me a link for a DTH to run it as a “smartthings:zigbee button”. I am more than happy to post pictures if you tell me which screens you want to see.

While trying to figure out the above, I ran across this:

Do I need to do anything with this?? The devices are working fine and I am not having any trouble with them.

I’m still learning so any tips are greatly appreciated!

So what exactly are you trying to solve? It sounds like they just want you to verify your adurosmart device is using the right standard DTH. You can see that on the device page for the device in the Type field.

I didn’t actually know where I was supposed to be looking and in the process ran across the Obsolete section pictured above. I was wondering if I need to do anything with it or just ignore it.

That looks like the update DTH from repo screen. If you want to update the two Zooz DTH shown at the top of your picture to the latest version you can do that from there. You’ll want to check the publish box at the bottom before saving