Device controller issue 5 May 2022 [RESOLVED]

There is a notice on the status page that the device controller problem occurring on 5 May 2022 has now been identified and fixed.

The symptom was being unable to add a new device or getting an error message in the app about a device controller update being needed or the app just getting stuck and not completing an action.

If you had this problem, try it again. If not yet fixed for you, notify support.

I saw posts related to this issue pop up yesterday on at least 8 different threads, some years old. Rather than try to chase down all the individual conversations, which might require my listening to more than 200 posts to find the references, I’m just going to post this here. This same symptom/error message can occur for multiple different reasons, but the one that happened on 5 May 2022 was a specific platform issue that should now be resolved.

Thank you!!

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Still can’t download the addons for my family hub fridge… stuck at 0%

Same thing happening on my family hub fridge, but only for one device my Dryer. It will download but won’t install. After a factory reset it will download an initial update and work once, but once I try to go back to that device it says there is another download. It will download then ask for to download again and then it will try to install, but it gets stuck. I’ve had it stuck on installing for over 30 minutes now with no progress. I have just posted another thread on this as I couldn’t find any other topics about this. Must have not put in the correct keywords in search earlier as this time I found this thread.