Family Hub Smartthings Device Controller stuck on installing?

I hope this is the right category for me to post this in, but I’m just starting to have an issue with the Smartthings app on our Family Hub refrigerator. What happens is when I go to the devices connected to the account it either goes into the devices control panel or it gives me a pop-up that says “To use all the all the features of this device you must download the device controller. Do you want to download the device controller?”; this is all fine and I’ve done it before and haven’t had an issue other than the occasional there was an error downloading/installing the device controller and reinitiating the download/install fixes it. But all of a sudden, our “Dryer device controller” will not install. It gives me the message, I click DOWNLOAD and it says downloading, then it gives me the exact same message a second time and I click DOWNLOAD again and it says INSTALLING this time and it just sits there. Even after 2 minutes when I have the Coverscreen set to kick in and I touch the screen to wake it up again, it is still trying to install. I’ve done 2 factory resets and after I do the reset and login and get everything up and running, I can download and install this device controller, but once I leave the device(s) control page (aka try to set laundry to dry via the controls) and try to go back into control the device (to change or cancel the load I set the dryer too) is when it acts up and won’t let me back in and says that I must download the controller again 2 times in a row and then it gets stuck on installing the controller indefinitely. The DRYER is the only device that acts up (out of the few we have; even the washer works) and only on our Family Hub. All other devices work fine and with our phones.

Family Hub: Model RS27T5561SG/AA
Smartthings Family Hub version: 7.0.58
Dryer: Model DVE50A8800V/US

Dryer Family Hub Device Plugin Version Info:
Controller Version

P.S. The above Controller Version is what I had after the initial download aka what Smartthings saw as the newest version not what version was installed after a factory reset. So, I think it is trying to download/install a newer version but that newer one will not download/install and freezes or there is an issue with this version that won’t communicate with the Family Hub and tell it is correctly installed.

Also, I can cancel the Install, but that disables the install and I have to download twice and install all over, which gets stuck again just like before. I just don’t know how to get it to install so I can control the device (Dryer) I’m trying to control.

I don’t know if anyone seen this post and the person that did, fixed the issue on the backend, but I just wanted to give an update that last night I was able to Download and Install the update correctly this time. It only took about 30 seconds and it was fixed this time instead of sitting for 30 minutes and not doing anything. So, if it was someone on your end I want to say thank you for fixing this problem for us and let you know we are back up and running.