New user pairing issues

I got brand new hub two days ago, complete with a few sensors, and a CT100 thermostat. I was expecting a quick and easy installation, and an evening of setting up various different scenarios. Unfortunately, I plugged in and booted up the hub, tried to connect my smartplug, and then my thermostat and… nothing. The hub can’t find either of the devices either with the general search, or device specific search.

I’ve tried excluding both items from the hub, even though I have never used them, turning off the hub and back on again, and no success.

Eventually, I checked the event logs, and it seems that my hub has been going through a cycle of firmware updates constantly for the last 2 days - about 10 lines of firmware update download progress, followed by “firmware update main downloaded”, followed by “hub has disconnected”, “stack status 90”, “register”. Over and over again…

Has anyone else seen and hopefully solved this, or is the best solution a new hub? This is doubly frustrating given that I picked up the hub in the US, but don’t live there, so would have to deal with international shipping and paying customs duty on a replacement.

Help appreciated!

Hey Caz,

Eak! I’d recommend you shoot and email to, they’ll be able to take a look at what’s actually happening to your hub.

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Thanks April - should have mentioned that I have reached out to them, and they’re suggesting a replacement. Just waiting for them to confirm if they can ship internationally, but I was hoping someone out here might have seen the issue and fixed it themselves, so I can get up and running without having to wait! Guess I might just have to stop being so impatient! :frowning:

No, I totally get it! I get super stoked when I have a new toy, and especially a super fun thing like SmartThings, I’d want everything integrated right now. So I get how you feel. I was just complaining last night about amazon’s 2 day shipping being slower than NOW, so, patience is not in my dictionary. Luckily, I’m glad you have already started your chat with support, so that’s good to hear!

Cheers, and welcome to the community!