[DEPRECATED] webCoRE Beta Milestone 2

Continuing the webCoRE development cycle, we’ve now reached Beta Milestone 2. This milestone will focus on adding missing (important) features, bug fixes, and performance improvement. Things should be smoother now, with less chances of breaking during updates.

And now, again, the warnings:

The legal boring stuff. This software is free to use, modify, distribute, install on a potato, anything you wish to do with it. As it happens, by using it, you must understand that I cannot be held responsible for anything that stems from the use of this software.

WARNING #2 This software is currently in a BETA release stage. If you don’t know what that means, PLEASE read this!

If you see any white text on a red banner reading “DO NOT SHARE WITH ANYONE”, it is probably best you follow that advice. There is a public way of sharing pistons (anonymized) and a private way. The private one is for you and you alone.

Things may still break here and there, things can get refactored here and there, depending on things we realize need changing down the road, so take this with a grain of salt.

UPDATE: It looks like SmartThings fixed this issue and now the IDE and API endpoints can be accessed using the same browser without logging out the IDE.
As with the CoRE dashboard, opening the webCoRE dashboard may interfere with your IDE. This is because webCoRE is still using SmartApp endpoints underneath the hood, and opening a SmartApp endpoint in the same browser as the IDE causes the authentication cookies for the IDE to be corrupted, logging you out of the IDE. If you need to use both the IDE and the webCoRE dashboard at the same time, please try using two different browsers, or open the IDE in incognito mode.

There is a wiki. I have meanwhile found it, it was hiding at https://wiki.webcore.co

Please follow this guide to install webCoRE. If you survive, that is :slight_smile:

If you decided to install webCoRE and ran into any issue at all, please take a moment and share that experience so I can improve on it. Find the installation feedback thread here.

Many many thanks to everyone who helped developing this software. I don’t usually name people, for fears of forgetting anyone, but I’ll try a list (conveniently alphabetically ordered). If you helped and don’t find yourself on the list, sorry, please contact me and I’ll add you. If you find yourself on the list and don’t want to be there, tough luck. I was not able to mention the users (there is a limit of maximum 10 users being mentioned, so I haven’t used handles, just names)


Many thanks to the ST team for their continued support for this project. Special thanks to @gausnes and @slagle for sticking around.

We need writers for the wiki. If you are a fluent English writer, please help us write the wiki. Please request an account here.

NOTE: It is not required, nor necessary to donate to use this SmartApp. This is a free open source software and it is my way to pay my dues to those before me. But if you feel like it, you can donate here.


Hooray for WebCoRE!

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Will git update be available or do we need to reinstall from beta1?

Chances are you are already on M2. Is your installed version 0.2?

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Yep. Back into my cave I go.

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@ady624, I assume that adding variables to on event code block is not yet possible? Also, system variables show up but once selected they require an attribute before they can be saved. Just wanted to check with you before I attempt to design a work around in script.

See below:

They are designed for device events - they require a device and an attribute and execute the inside code when such an event happens

Yes, I am using several of them successfully. But, I am trying to monitor for a system (ST) location change. In my pic, $location does not have a corresponding attribute because it is not a device. It shows up in the device drop-down, but doesn’t appear to really do anything… unless I’m reading you wrong.

Maybe $locationMode?

Good guess, thanks, but $location was selected from the drop-down. We can’t add, edit or modify this field. Additionally, it seems like the place to define $locationMode would be this same screen by selecting VARIABLE --> {myVariable}. Create an on event statement and you will quickly see the issue with adding variables local and system types.

It would be useful to designate:

on events from
   $locationMode -- Not sure how to accomplish this!?!?
   [device : attribute]
   with action here
end on

@ady624 it would be great to see the unlocked by user like in good old core. I don’t think this in implementet yet, at least I can’t find it. Or is there another easy way to do this? Tagging @RBoy


When updating webCoRE I noticed that a few pistons, one in particular will loose it schedule. If I pause and resume the piston after the update, everything is fine. Should we always pause and resume piston after an update as I remember @ady624 had us do that many updates ago.

Take a look at this.
Not found the reporting to from id-lock to be stable yet.
But test it.

@ady624 I’d be interested in some way to know which piston my devices are being used in…or at the least, a way to look in one spot for devices that have gone missing in pistons (you know, when you just get the long, red string of integers?).

I know I can look at the devices in ST to see which pistons they are being used in, but that’s not much help when a device goes off the grid completely and I Replace it. I recently had a couple switches drop off and (once I figured out they were gone and added them back in) I replaced them in a couple of pistons, but I forgot I had the device in another piston and it took a few days to work it out.

As an added benefit that ST can’t provide well, would it be possible to get an alert of some sort when a piston looses a device? Say a push on an SMS?

@RBoy @ady624
Made two parallel ones
One in Core with By user code, and WebCoRE with $args.usedCode
I mostly get “null” in WebCoRE so will be interesting to se if i get right slot number in Core.

The way people share their pistons is just perfect.
Expanding the usage of Smartthings and WebCoRE in all ways.


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There’s a typo “devuce” in line 3245 if WebCoRE Piston v0.2.0be.20170613 (all M2 versions actually):

	def currentState = devuce.currentState(attribute)

It was causing some errors:

Error calling comparison comp_did_not_change: java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke method currentState() on null object

Thank you, will fix in next publish

Ady - small request for UI improvement - is it possible to have the list of global variables sorted in alpha order? Or some method for sorting them? When you use a lot of them, it becomes a little tough to find them. Just a suggestion - I know you have a lot of things you are working on.

Again - many thanks for creating this - awesome work.

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Are they sorted now? :wink:

Yesterday webCoRE saved my pool pump :wink: while I was at work. Water level dropped leaving the pump run dry:

I am using an Aeotec Heavy Duty Switch to control the pool pump.