Rules and how they are displayed on the dashboard

I want to set up a rule, say for instance if there is no events on a motion sensor within a specific time period and then if that rule was brokedn, I would like to display it on the dashboard. Is that possible?

Yes possible but thing can get kinda weird.

  1. Create virtual Switch (this will be on your dashboard)
  2. Use webCoRE to create your rule to turn on your virtual switch if no motion for specific time period. If motion, then turn off your switch.

The bit and pieces are there.

there is also an upcoming feature called “followed by” or rather, “not followed by” - so you can simplify that logic - but I am still working on development of said feature.

Thank you for your suggestion cuboy29 :slight_smile:

Brilliant, thank you. can you let me know when its ready please ady624

Best bet is probably to keep an eye on the posts in the CoRE subcategory.

Will do thank you marktheknife